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Comment Re:Utah as a religious dictatorship (Score 1) 941

I am an ex-mormon. There are a couple of things here to consider. 1.Belief: All Indians are Lamanites and are descended from Lehi a citizen of Jeruseleum. Fact: After thousands of Dna tests on Native Americans, they have never found any records of Hebrew DNA. It has all been Asian DNA. I know their is intermarriage,but would you not think you might find a little bit? 2.Belief: The priesthood was given to all males regardless of color in 1978 Point to Ponder: Why 1978? Was only the Caucasians good enough for the priesthood until then? Did the African-American man do something special in 1977 that made him raise hsi stature up to the Caucasian man. I do not think it is much of a coincidence that this was not too soon after the civil rights laws came in. The church could not do this before this they realized, or the hammer of public opinion would be upon them. 3.Belief: According to the church, the temple ceremonies were handed down by God. Point to Ponder: If the ceremonies were handed down by God, why have there been changes? The death penalty oaths are no longer in the ceremony and no you are no longer naked under the poncho. Did God make a mistake? I thought he was infallible. If the ceremoinies that he handed down were perfect to begin with, why change them? The same reason for number 2. Public opinion 4. Belief: The Mormon church is not a cult. Point to Ponder: the definition of a cult under is A religion or religious sect generally considered to be extremist or false, with its followers often living in an unconventional manner under the guidance of an authoritarian, charismatic leader. The followers of such a religion or sect. The Mormons do live in an uncoventional manner and they are under the guidance of an authoritarian charismatic leader. Example: What the prophet says goes, there is no disputing it or questioning. If you do not do what the prophet says you are not allowed a temple recommend, or allowed to take sacrament 5.Belief The Mormon church influences the minds of children,teenagers and adults. Points to Ponder: Why during testimony meeting on every 1st Sunday, the mormons have the children go up to the front,so the parents can whisper in their ear: I know the church is true. I know that Joseph Smith is a prophet of God. I know that the prophet today is a prophet of God. I know that the Book of Mormon is true. Does a 3 year old actually know this? How can they? But they are taught to say this from a very young age. They have a song they sing: I hope they call me on a mission. Why? 6. Belief: Only Mormons will go to heaven and hell. Point to Ponder: In the latest Ensign (Mormon publication) there was an article called the three degrees of glory. The three degrees are the Celestial(heaven): the only people that are allowed to go there ahve to have been. a: receive a testimny of Jesus and believe in his name. b: Be baptized by immersion ( I am assuming this means only Mormon baptism) c: Recieve the Holy Ghost by the laying on of hands d: Obey the commandments and be washed and cleansed of all sins e: Overcome by faith f: Be sealed by the Holy Spirit of Promise Sorry folks unless you have those you are screwed.. If you do make it we can have offspring in heaven and become Gods ourselves. Next is the Terrestial kingdom. this is the middle kingdom. The ones who go here are a: died without law b. were in spirit prison and recieved a testimony there but rejected the testimony of Jesus while on Earth. That means do not turn thos missionaries away when they come to your door. c.were honarable people who allowed themselves to be blinded by the craftiness of men d. were not valiant in their testimonies of Jesus. This is where we will find Mother Teresa and Ghandi Next is the telestial kingdom. The people who go here are: a:Rejected the gospel,the testimony of Jesus,the prophets, and the everlasting covenant b: were liars,sorcerers,adulterers, and whoremongers c:loved and made a lie. This will probably be the biggest. Here you will find Hitler,joe down the street and probably you :) Last to come is outer darkness they do not mention this in the article but outer darkness only Mormons can go to also. This is reserved for mormons like me who has gone against the church. So I am worse than Hitler. I have not killed six million Jews but I am writing a book about growing up Mormon. I will go to Hell. I hope this was informative.

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