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Comment Possible prosthetic applications? (Score 3, Insightful) 44

Lightweight, dextrous, "safe" and strong... Granted, it's not got the full range of motion a human arm needs, yet, but this is interesting work. A small pneumatic compresser should be belt- or backpack-mountable, and then it would just need the control and processing electronics. Admittedly that's still kind of a big problem, but at a limb weight of 2lbs, this technology could be an interesting alternative to the "full-metal" approach of current limbs.
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Journal Journal: /2006

Oy. Another year older and deeper in debt.

Finished the MSc, and graduated with pretty respectable marks. Someone less inadvisable would look for a job at this point, but instead I've embarked on a PhD in Vetronic Systems. Well, it keeps me busy, I guess. And it's really kinda fun.

I'm always tired nowadays. Hate winter...

Comment Re:Do We Have To Keep Carrying Our Fuel With Us? (Score 1) 205

I'll second that. Bigger, dumber rockets are emphatically NOT a solution to the orbit problem: the waste of engineering and resources is, frankly, disturbing.

Better solutions have been suggested, but as yet no-one with any serious clout is willing to develop them. The Skylon project is currently trying to gather support from a consortium of aerospace companies, after being 'considered' by ESA.

There appear to be ways of getting to orbit that don't involve carrying things up there only to throw them down again, but no-one is listening. Bit of a shame, really.

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Journal Journal: About Me

I'm currently attending Sussex University in the UK, reading an MSc Embedded Digital Systems. It's a rather more broad-based course than I anticipated (building in sections on comms and DSP in addition to the low-level hardware and network protocol stuff I expected), but it's fun despite the work involved.

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