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Comment Why would she dig her own grave ? (Score 0) 311

I mean, either you contact the police and let the hacker expose a couple of pictures of you in "natural positions" (because you did not know pictures were taken) OR you give the hacker more munitions by sending him pictures of yourself in explicite positions, thus digging your own grave until the hacker gets tired of this game and decide to expose everything anyway.

I think asking for money would have been perceived in a different way and maybe it would have worked.

Comment Will the OS be compatible with my PC ? (Score 0) 271

I wonder if Steam OS going to be free (as gratis and as freedom) and compatible on any PC just like a normal Linux OS with all supported drivers or if it's going to be like Chrome OS and Android, which only work on some hardware carefully chosen by the devs ?

In this case, Steam OS would only work well on a Steam Machine. Of course ,we may be able to fork it but still, it's better for us if the devs take the Canonical approach and try supporting the maximum hardware possible, contributing to Linux in the same time.

Comment Re:Eh... (Score 0) 183

Linux always claimed for freedom and choices and yet, all the distributions are the SAME. Same desktop/folder metaphor, same design overall, just different Desktop Environment names.

Metro and Unity are the only REAL choices and they're not *that* crappy at all. You will read here on Slashdot plenty of people that really like the new Metro interface and it works very well on touchscreen all-in-one computers.

Why all the hate? If you don't like Metro or Unity, stick with Seven or any Linux distribution that is not Ubuntu.

So now, you should sit down and apologize, Anonymous Coward.

Comment Re:Eh... (Score 0) 183

First, I would choose Ubuntu over any other desktop "out-of-the-box" distributions because Canonical with Ubuntu is the only one that is trying a new design. I just don't understand how come Microsoft came out with Metro but all Linux distributions are sticking with the old desktop metaphor, pathetic.

Second, Canonical is a small company compared to Microsoft and Google. Still, it is playing their game on the same field. They need to find ways to add value to their "product" so other companies notice them and want to partner with them. Good things about partnership is that more and more hardware will come with Ubuntu pre-installed and we as users, could get a free amazon gift card if we use Ubuntu, things like that (these are examples).

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