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Submission + - Hijack attempt foiled in China

dotar writes: Just to confirm the theory that's been floating around since 9/11, where it seems everyone but governments agree that no-one will ever be able to take control of a plane again because the rules of hijackings have changed, six people tried to hijack a plane in China. You guessed it, they were subdued by passengers and crew, and two later died in hospital from their wounds. The Chinese government has given out million dollar rewards to those involved.

Submission + - Mobile Phone Radiation Kills Sperm

dotar writes: A meta-analysis of the literature on research into the effects of mobile phone radiation on sperm cells dealing with mice, rabbits, and humans has found definite evidence that the radiation reduces sperm count and quality. Killing sperm is probably the least worrying effect of the radiation, as it also causes significant DNA damage which manifests as mophogenic abnormalities (and who wants their two-headed, three-tailed sperm to impregnate someone?) The exact mechanism by which the radiation interferes with the formation of sperm is unknown, but the two main theories are a general rise in scrotal temperature causing the problems, or the radiation directly interacting with the DNA during cell division.

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