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Comment Re:Windows 10 is possibly the worst spyware ever m (Score 1) 285

Over in BSD-land, it is very rare indeed because they're basically allergic to adding new features in a bug fix.

It could be I'm a natural-born BSD-user, and I just don't know it.

It's got to be the worst thing about the modern software scene: "You've got to accept automatic upgrades for the security fixes! Oops, did we just change your entire UI? Well you know, consistent user experience! Everyone loves it-- *except for you*."

Comment Re:what about security? (Score 1) 552

"I left it in the car" will easily get you through any overcrowded, underpaided security checkpoint.

I was wondering about that. I don't carry one of those things at all, and I was wondering if they'd even let me in if I didn't have a phone to lock. This could be the long-expected time when you're no longer regarded as a human being if you don't have a mobile phone.

(Concert security checkpoints vary much with time and place-- you may very well get to deal with a power-tripping moron that's hoping for a job with the TSA.)

My prediction would be people carrying second phones, or dummy phones, to give the gate staff something to put in their funny pouches.

And if the dummy phones were cheap enough, you could throw them away with the pouch to protest the policy...

Comment Re:Confused report (Score 1) 55

And the word "successfully" in this context suggests that a cracker has hijacked the control system of a nuclear power plant. Actually the news appears to be that someone got some data from a lab that works with tritium. So: EditorDavid is either a fear-mongering anti-nuclear fanatic, or a fear-mongering yellow journalist hustling for clicks-- why exactly am I reading this site?

Comment Re:"Now available to download" link (Score 1) 175


Real programmers avoid using MySQL.

The "Han Unification" hack does have it's problems (often exaggerated, but still there there), but I wouldn't say that that's the real problem: I think you're right about needing metadata for every string, and the real question in my mind is why isn't that part of unicode itself? There used to be a way to embed locale hints in the text, but that was deprecated with Unicode 5. WTF? What exactly were they thinking?

There's another issue I don't get at all, which is why doesn't someone out there (like say, google's web fonts?) index fonts according to the codepoints they cover? Then you could do things like check the content you need to display, and make sure you've specified fonts that cover the entire range you're working with. (Or perhaps even better: wouldn't it be cool if the *browser* automatically supplied default fonts if the specified fonts couldn't handle it? Then no more tofu!).

Comment Re:what a load of shit (Score 0) 233

You're skipping the main social effect I anticipate: when people can spend their commute time watching television, people willing to spend two hours a day in a car will be willing to up that to four or five. What a wondeful, sprawl-enabled future we can look forward to in the United States of Suburban. Number one in per-capita energy consumption, now and forever. (However long that is.)

And if you're looking for an entrepreneurial opportunity, get started on automotive porta-potty attachments.

Comment Re:WebExtensions API (Score 1) 208

I gave PaleMoon a serious try recently, and while I thought it was okay, I found it much more memory intensive than modern Firefox, and lately I've been using Iceweasel (though that's just an alias for what's effectively LTS Firefox). Using PaleMoon reminded me that not all of the recent changes to Firefox were stupid and useless, sometime around 2010 there was a genuine improvement in memory handling, where you could reduce Firefox's memory usage by closing a lot of tabs. With PaleMoon, I was back to watching the memory use rachet upwards, with nothing much to do about it except re-start.

But I do appreciate that the PaleMoon project is out there, and it's true if this latest Firefox ReallyCoolMajorUpgrade turns out to be the usual we-know-better-than-those-pesky-users debacle, I appreciate having something around I know is at least useable.

Comment Re:Mostly... (Score 1) 178

But for best results, you need to run a green magic marker around the rim.

Seriously, if you want to compare to the vinyl wars, the real take-away is human beings like what ever they like, and it's possible to do something that's technically "better" that nevertheless has a negative subjective-impact... (myself, I couldn't care less if the "warm" sound I think I hear on vinyl is just surface noise effects-- if I like noisey better than clean, give me noisey).

One hopes that they've got this covered in their tests, by using subjective response data to calibrate their techniques...

Comment Re:this is STUPID (Score 2) 163

China needs to be brought under control QUICKLY.

Right. Time to attack. You can lead the ground troops.

Here's an idea: why don't we let them figure out that they've been killing themselves with air pollution, and they really need to clean up their act. It could be they'll even start doing some pilot plants to do research into nuclear technology where the United States has dropped the ball. Oh, and it could be they'll start playing around with manufacturing photovoltaics as well.

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