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Comment Re:Pushback (Score 1) 275

Agreed. The big problem is forced updates. Microsoft pushes updates to Win10 and you can only delay them by setting your connection as metered. These updates break things. My sound driver gets knocked out by updates for example. Last update seems to have done a permanent job. I can no longer reinstall the old driver. There is still a lot of missing support for hardware in Windows 10. I know people who had a lot of stuff broken by Windows 10 and immediately downgraded to 7 to get stuff working again.

Comment Star Wars is an Easy Sell (Score 2) 550

Star Wars the Old Republic has gone free to play recently and the IP is an easy sell. A lot of women where interested in the game before and during the game launch. Star Wars has an appeal because it is familiar. The game is good and the story is excellent and the dialog wheels in the quests work well in a group. You can duo it together if you have the hardware. I would also suggest Magic the Gathering as another option. The Magic the gathering 2013 on steam has an excellent tutorial and you could quickly get up to speed and playing hands against each other.

Comment Re:Passive exercise is effective (Score 1) 372

The balls are great as they force active sitting and engage your posture muscles and keep your body active. However they may be against Workers Compensation rules as there can be a risk of falling involved. There are chair frames available for that and another option is something called a Sit Fit which is a flat version you can put on top of your chair, you can also stand on it for balance exercise. These are available from a Swiss company called Sissel

Comment My 2cents (Score 1) 308

I grew up on movies in movie theatres. There is no comparison to movies at home no matter what kind of money you spent. 2001 a Space Odessa in the Stanley theatre, Apocalypse Now in the same theatre renovated to Lucas Thx, and Star Wars in iMax. Not to mention Drive In movies, I feel sorry for todays generation that will never know that experience. I myself have abandoned movie theatres, mostly because of rudeness, people using cell phones silly conversation, etc, and for me the last straw was car commercials inserted before the main feature. I was so angry at paying full price for the movie and also expected to submit to brainwashing that I never returned.

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 526

I don't remember NEC but Hewlett Packard had an IBM compatible that had a touchscreen monitor. I believe was around 1980, it used infra red beam grid. It did not sell. Lets face it taking your hand off the keyboard is non productive. At least the mouse is a shorter distance for your hand. If you are a power user you are going to use a bunch of shell scripts with short names and keyboard macros.

Comment Coffe Lounge (Score 1) 547

Perhaps add a lounge area and sell coffee. Provide movie magazine literature wifi for browsing. I myself prefer browsing in a physical store and the movie banter that can be had. My biggest problem is the returns, late rentals remembering to return physical media. It would be nice if this could be solved by using a temporary media or return by mail.

Comment Re:If only more companies acted on their thoughts (Score 2) 768

Yes, but the problem as I see it is to get the game publishing companies on board. If Valve can make it easier for them to port games over and perhaps kick off some sweet deals on some popular titles it would bring people over. I only run windows for games. No other reason I would ditch windows in a heartbeat for a good alternative.

Comment Re:a thing of beauty? (Score 2) 438

Agreed. I have recently spent about two years in a shipyard restoring an antique wooden boat. I have seen a lot of people throwing truckloads of money at something they thought up. I have come to call them barn jobs they always look like something built in a barn. A truly fine vessel has a pedigree. A known designer, built in a known shipyard, will always have worth, and be a thing of beauty. He could of just paid these guys and described what he wanted and ended up with something nice.

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