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Comment Sidewalks? (Score 0) 553

As a driver, cyclist, and pedestrian when possible, the "stay off the road" remarks are really short sighted.

Why do you assume there is someplace to walk besides the road? In today's "car" world many small towns (i.e. population 10k) do not even bother building sidewalks, or the ones they have are 80 years old and unsafe (nothing wheeled like bicycles or wagons can traverse the offset cracks).

In one nearby community seeing wheelchairs, baby strollers, and kids walking on a five lane 45mph road is not unusual, as the local politicians didn't bother spending the money for sidewalks when they expanded. Our town just ripped out some aging sidewalks and put grass back, leaving only the road to walk on, stating they did not have the funds to replace them. Most of the local kids (including mine) still walk to school here, so they have no choice except to walk on the streets. Not everyone lives in a walkable community like New York.

Comment Re:No. (Score 1) 318

Australia is indeed an island, being a landmass completely surrounded by water within the boundary of a single tectonic plate. Yes, some people claim that nothing that big can be an island; I'd be curious how many of them are from Greenland. :)

Personally, I would enjoy being a billionaire coder, though I'd also involve myself in a lot of philanthropic work. That much money could do a lot of good.

Comment Re:Thats kind of scarry (Score 1) 140

You broke the spell with "people need to be educated."

The problem is that people actually work pretty hard to not learn things. Knowledge is seen as a burden and a responsibility and they don't have time for it. And I'm not going to rant about the masses being a bunch of stupid sheep either, because frankly, there are times when I agree with the people on this. While I am perfectly capable of fixing and repairing nearly everything I have ever come in contact with, there are times when it is simply more appealing to pay someone to take care of things for me. Not only am I released from the burden of thought and knowledge, but of responsibility as well! Now I can point fingers at someone else when it goes wrong.

And that is the problem that we, the people, are literally asking for. It would be nice if people accepted the good old days when you had to learn to use something because even though it was a burden, they knew more about what they were dealing with and how to deal with it better. Those days are gone. And we know we can't trust companies to be benevolent. Their interests will always come first. Their partners' interests will come second, third and fourth. The law will come in fifth and the user comes in somewhere after that. We know that companies are willing to upset the law and the user in order to make profit. We know that companies are willing to upset the law and the user in order to appease a partner. We know it because we have seen it already. And we know that business most always sides with the government before it will side with its customers... been there and done that too right?

If there is any education that people need, it is that their [dollar] votes are all being cast in the wrong way. And by voting with their dollars spent, they are perpetuating the problems we all face. The nice thing about voting with dollars is that failure to vote doesn't mean some jackass will get into office... it just means they get less capital with which to continue abusing the public. But right now the public is pretty well hypnotized. They think they need to buy everything on credit and worship the "credit score god." They think they need to buy the latest versions of the latest tech without the slightest bit of understanding of what they are buying or how it benefits them. The sneeches all want stars on thars and that's all they care about.

Comment Re:Similar to Motorcycle Helmets? (Score 2, Interesting) 294

The big argument against modern helmets is that they are actually designed to provide protection against unrealistically strong blows. A firmer foam will protect against heavier blows, but won't compress as much when subjected to a lighter strike. The more the helmet compresses, the slower the head inside the helmet can decelerate, reducing the forces the brain is subjected to.

Well, that is what speed ratings are for. If you you go offroading, where you are likely to have a reasonable number of smaller falls, you should buy a soft padding helmet, and not a hard one that was designed to keep you alive during a 200 MPH crash on track day. The problem is, a lot of people think a higher speed rating is better, no matter what. That simply ain't so.

Agree with the rest of your post, though.

Comment Re:"Committed Suicide?" (Score 1) 538

Nah. We rather fear dying. When you're dead, you don't care anymore. ^^

Suicide is harder than you might think. People survived headshots, drops from 20-story buildings, even drops from fighter planes, and the slow deaths are the worst. Because in every one of them, you risk getting "saved" and living your life as a drooling cripple, incapable of killing yourself, and making a ton of money for some "health" companies.

That's why I recommend this: Lasse Gjertsen — Det Ultimate Selvmord ;)

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