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Comment Re:Optimistic concurrency (Score 1) 283

You really have to wonder what's going on behind the scenes in some of the database-backed apps that we interact with daily. There are plenty of PHP monkeys that concat SQL to parameters. But there are plenty of others that have just never thought about locking. Or have it wrong. There are subtle concurrency bugs all over the place - the database usually handles it well enough that many developers just never catch on.

Comment Re:STFU needs to be heard. (Score 1) 757

the goal should not be 'unconfigurable' but 'no configuration needed 90% of the time, and configurable the remaining 10% of the time'.

Another example of "unconfigurable" is file rename behavior in Nautilus. Click-to-rename behavior (like in Windows) was implemented once, but was later removed completely rather than making it a configuration option.

Comment Re:So many typical /. MSFT haters here... (Score 1) 154

Sony charges the developers while MS charges the customer, neither are "free" whats different is who is paying for it.

Sony charges the developers for bandwidth for the first 60 days if the articles I read last year were correct. After that, no more charges.

Their logic is, demos are marketing, and that should come from the marketing budget.

Sonyâ(TM)s change of policy meant that (for example) if a 1GB demo were to be downloaded one million times, it would cost the publisher $160,000. Take into account that even demos cost a fair amount to make in the first place, this will all add up.

Whoop dee doo. EA spends over 20 million marketing most of their games. Are they really going to flinch at $160k?

And I thought Microsoft charged for bandwidth on some content, too? Why else is most of the free-on-PC DLC costing money on XBoxLive?

Comment Re:How about using a PS3? (Score 1) 277

The rootkit was created by a second company for Sony. Sony just rushed it into use without checking it out. Did you know that Sony actually sued the company who made it, bascially saying, "This is NOT what we wanted."

You have to remember that Sony is a big company whose divisions don't entirely have the same goals. Sony BMG wants one thing, Sony Computer Entertainment another. So sometimes SCE (or the other manufacturing divisions) win, sometimes they lose.

Boycotting the whole company because of what Sony BMG did, which wasn't even entirely their fault, seems a bit excessive. So go buy that PS3, it's pretty darn "open", in part because Sony Computer Entertainment likes it that way.

Comment Before the inevitable claims of prior art... (Score 1) 539

... and specifically the citations to stickers over seals that would say "void" when broken, or the like, only the claims matter. In this application, Apple is claiming:

1. A system for detecting consumer abuse in an electronic device, the system comprising:

one or more sensors configured to detect an occurrence of an abuse event;

abuse detection circuitry configured to receive indication of the occurrence of the abuse event from the one or more sensors and to generate a record corresponding to the occurrence of the abuse event upon receiving the indication;

a memory device configured to store the record; and

an interface configured to facilitate communication between the electronic device and an external device.

Not saying this is necessarily new, more to attempt to keep the discussion on track.

Comment Re:How do you explain this (Score 1) 604

I really don't mean this as flamebait, but I see it as a very good example of evolution.

Honestly now. One needs to differensiate between the various forms of evolution. Micro-evolution, or variations within a species, is common and well documented. Please don't use this to prove macro-evolution, meaning the idea that one species can breed offspring of a different species - offspring capable of reproduction, mind you.

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