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Comment Re:Google versus Apple (Score 1) 360

As for sophistication, Google's implementation might be significantly less sophisticated, but it does work reliably, Siri from what I've heard, not so much.

IME, Google Voice does a very poor job of transcribing voicemails. Considering that it doesn't even need to attempt near-real-time transcription, this doesn't bode well for Google's prospects of natural speech recognition.

Siri isn't perfect, but it mostly works and is already out in the wild on tens of millions of phones.

Comment Re:SFGate review of the Nexus - "Delicious, indeed (Score 1) 123

You left one part out:

Using both T-Mobile's standard 3G and speedier HSPA+ networks, at least, I got about three hours and 15 minutes out of the Galaxy Nexus for surfing the Web, streaming a movie, sending instant messages, chatting on the phone and other activities. The phone got quite warm with all this use. Over Verizon Wireless' 4G LTE network, it's possible that the phone's battery would drain even faster if you're doing a lot of downloading.

Comment Re:Fuel efficiency (Score 1) 359

Nothing I've seen US bound from Subaru comes near 40MPG, if you have a model or engine type that's US bound I'd love to know about it as I'll put it on my short list for my next vehicle.

The 2012 Impreza gets 36MPG highway, and that's without the diesel referred to in the upcoming Mazda. This is with a 2.0L flat-four with a CVT transmission.

When (if) Subaru pairs the diesel and the CVT, IMO 40+MPG would be very likely.

Comment Re:Maybe on purpose? (Score 1) 327

If you want to see artificially restricted production runs, just look at most of Apple's competitors. Do you see it working for them? There's your answer.

Apple doesn't need to restrict its production runs. Its products fly off the shelves as quickly as they can stock them.

Exactly. I believe Apple will have fortified its inventory as much as possible to withstand the pre-order and general availability rushes, but how much stock to people really expect to them to horde? It sounds like they had at least 1 million units for pre-order, and probably that much ready for in-store sales as well. That's at least 2 million units, and I don't care who you are, that's a lot of inventory.

Comment Re:You don't need to use BEAST (Score 1) 54

Riiiiiiiight, and no government would ever set up thousands of Tor exit nodes just to watch traffic. Couldn't be done

I don't have a citation, but Tor's circuit-building algorithm constructs the chain such that each of the 3 nodes are in different countries. A government can set up as many Tor nodes as they want, but unless they are also in different countries they still won't own enough of the chain to break it

Comment Re:FLAC (Score 1) 277

I was tested in the 90's as having above average hearing acuity, and I often hear things others don't. I'll hear the whine of a flyback transformer 100 ft away in a quiet room. Strangely, I have difficulty understanding speech if it's not significantly louder than background noise, and have a lot more difficulty carrying a conversation in loud places than most people.

I am much the same way - I tend to hear very low-level sounds easily that others either can't hear or don't notice. However, I too have more trouble with speech - whether it's in-person or recorded, the volume doesn't matter, it seems like my brain doesn't parse the words as they're being spoken. Many times if I pause for a few seconds I can re-process what someone just said it will come to me.

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