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Submission + - Blasphemy Law in Pakistan keeping death Penalty (

phtime writes: It is against the Law in Europe to talk against Holocaust, as if it is a Universal Truth, but anyone can disrespect and give a insult against religions, call them names, make disrespecting cartoons, and it is not against the law but it is called "Freedom of speech". If this is a Freedom of speech then that is spread the hate and violence and it is hypocrisy. If freedom of speech is used as a tool for hate, violence, Insults, and vulgarity against groups then it is part of a crime to spread hate and it is no longer freedom of speech but part of spreading violence and hate. If Holocaust survivors have special place so holocaust survivors feeling are protected so why only one group is protected and others are ignored, It is racism in day light, there must be law to protect the all religions values and other holocaust survivor’s like Hiroshima and Nagasaki. United States proudly present it airplane that bombed the Japan with Atomic Bombs, what is the difference to show Nazi swastika logos. If it is okay debate existence of God then what is wrong to Research Holocaust.

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