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Comment Re:Your morals are not my morals (Score 1) 438

Plenty of Amish do carry cell phones. You can see them using the phones working in their fields. Now even more are carrying for business purposes. They aren't necessarily against cell usage. There are other like minded groups more or less stick like the Amish, that may aid in some cases I see. For reference purposes I do live in the of heart of old order Amish territory.

Comment Re:Obesity? (Score 1) 698

Since driving a vehicle is considered a privilege I doubt they will ever get rid of public transportation. To do so would mean that driving is a right needed for basic survival. To bad we can go back to the days when to steal a mans horse was a death sentence. Doing so robbed a person of their ability to make a living. Hopefully that makes some sense.

Comment Re:There's got to be a better way... (Score 1) 151

Um no? Try is house analogy.

I have a model home. I put up a big sign advertising to come check it out. Now I can't complain when people start showing up wanting to see my show home. But when I'm done showing it or no longer want people coming in, I lock the doors.

Thats how routers work. If you don't like it don't put up a sign saying 'welcome' or a least lock you doors.

Hopefully this is the better analogy.

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