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Journal Journal: 1

I don't see how an LCD Display would make the AGP Port any faster. Would you hook it up to the USB Bus or the PCI Interconnect or something? Maybe you could use ISA Architecture or built in integrated IDE (especially if you hook it up to the advanced ATA attachment)?

as only could be seen on slashdot
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Journal Journal: just a random update

I know nobody else will read this stuff, so I guess Im just doing this to have one nice little place to record some random thoughts. Anyways, I'm feeling good today. My job is going nicely. I never thought I'd say that till after I went back to college. This was a good move on my part. Im happy that i can now metamod, so i can participate in this shared illusion i call slashdot. And yes, i try my hardest to be fair.
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In case any of you are wondering why I consider you a foe, it is because you recently said some rather inflamatory things. I did it so i could easily recognise those that are against my way of thinking. I am doing this in the most polite and professional way I can think of. Thanks.
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Journal Journal: doofis 5

i had the chance to mod, and i was really looking for posts to mod up, but i really wanted to do a good job. So, i read a bunch this morning and looked at how others did it. Then i left to run some erands. I ended up seeing a friend i dont really get to see that often, so i talked to her for a while. When i came back home, it was too late for me to mod. oh well, i think ill get m2 soon, maybe i wont screw that up.
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Journal Journal: please don't think im being anything other than objective:

Well, for some reason I dissagree about not having this karma thing be non-numerical. Something in the FAQ made me think this when I was reading it about an unrelated topic. Anyways, it was saying something about it not being a measure of you worth and not a video game score... etc. But, the part that struck me the mose was that he said that the reason to going to the neutral, bad thing was that 'it didn't mater.'
Well, if karma doesn't mater, then why is it used as a basis of judgement for so many things?
Can you moderate?
What is your posting bonus?
...or, the filtering of the information within a discussion?
Yea, it doesn't mater.
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Journal Journal: what is my problem,

"We have art that we do not die of the truth. -- Nietzsche" ...that I think these damn things are cool?
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Journal Journal: **No Title**

"Parents often talk about the younger generation as if they didn't have much of anything to do with it." -- unknown

This was one of those little slashdot motd's at the bottom of the page. I thought it was cool.
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Journal Journal: think different... or ... I can't think like you


What is my problem... I used to think that being different was sort of cool. Then I realised that the kind of different that I was trying to be was just making me the same as some minority culture. So I decided to think for my self. This left me cynical and with no friends. My original goal though must have been to have friends, or else I wouldn't have decided to be a freak in the first place. Now I am left with a world that has had its candy coating stripped away. Where do I go now for my sweet happyness?

I guess one of the flaming little cultures I thought I belonged to was this flaming little indie computer slashdot culture. I now know that I am wrong. You created your own little shithole for you to be god of and frolic in. I guess thats fine. Everybody needs a little leibsraum. But please, next time, leave me fucking out of it.

Say by now.
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Journal Journal: re-invented wheel

I was doing my daily reading of slashdot, and I decided to see what I had in my journal. It seems that in my angst, my brain was taking a lunch break. It seems I reinvented flamebait/trolling when I made my last journal entry. Silly me.
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Journal Journal: just feeling angsty today

Have you ever wanted to do something just to get a reaction out of someone? I just did. Ive been posting off and on over the course of a couple of months and it seemed like no body was reading what I had to say. No body even posting and saying that 'what i had to say was crap' or anything like that. So, I decided to post something random that was likely to excite some attention. Something I realised when this happened... i can post 9 comments and not have them moderated in any way, and have 0 karma, and when i post one random one, it goes down to -1. Seems odd that i could be on the bottom so fast. 9 things that people decided was average and 1 below average and now im some kind of slashdot criminal... seems disparaging.
note: the below quote was one of those little motd quotes at the bottom of slashdot... note its gramatical mistakes... i thought someone was getting paid to put those down there.. just cant let typos like that slide...

Examinations are formidable even to the best prepared, for even the greatest fool may ask more the the wisest man can answer. -- C.C. Colton

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