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Submission + - Livermore lab nears launch of fusion quest (

dnix writes: The scientists at the National Ignition Facility, or NIF, at Lawrence Livermore Laboratory are preparing to meet an end-of-month deadline for the first set of experiments in the final stretch of a national effort to achieve the long-sought goal of fusion — a reaction in which more energy is released than put into it.

Submission + - If even Einstan has been wrong.... (

dnix writes: From "A century after Albert Einstein said we would never be able to observe the instantaneous velocity of tiny particles as they randomly shake and shimmy, so called Brownian motion, physicist Mark Raizen and his group have done so".

Submission + - KDE 4 go Windows ( 1

dnix writes: Can you believe this? Since Nokia released QT4 under the GPL licence, a group of KDE developers that eventually didn't like the Windows standard interface, decided to do a port of KDE4. You can read the full story on Linux Journal or go directly to the download page.

Submission + - Amber Cummings will not be going to prison

dnix writes: "Amber Cummings will not be going to prison for killing her husband. The woman admitted to shooting her husband as he slept in their home in December 2008. Thursday she was sentenced to six years probation, during which time she will continue treatment for what medical experts have described as extreme abuse and torture at the hands of her husband"...
Is this the right concept of justice? This woman, too shiny to denounce her husband, she stop to be shiny to put two bullets into his husband head during his sleep. And the man he cannot no more claim his defence (if there is one). We could add a new chapter in Warren Farrell's book, "The myth of male power".

Submission + - And the church can be visited online (

dnix writes: St. John Lateran, the mother of all churches, is now accessible for virtual tour. "The site visitors they will be able not only to find important informations about the Basilica and the complex — explain Card. Agostino Vallini, archpriest of the Basilica of St. John Lateran — but also understand how the faith influenced the constrction"

Submission + - Physicist Makes New High-Res Panorama of Milky Way (

dnix writes: Piecing together 3000 individual photographs, a physicist has made a new high-resolution panoramic image of the full night sky, with the Milky Way galaxy as its centerpiece. Axel Mellinger, a professor at Central Michigan University, describes the process of making the panorama in the forthcoming issue of Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific. An interactive version of the picture can viewed on Mellinger’s website: This interactive version is served by IIPImage,

Submission + - Knight Rider's car home made copy (

dnix writes: An Italian engineer from Pisa just finished to realize a dream: create an exact replica of K.I.T.T. . you can find more information on his website, unfortunately only in Italian, but the photos and videos are amazing. There is also a detailed HOWTO if you want to reproduce the same model.

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