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Comment Re:What is Facebook thinking? (Score 1) 122

BBC tells FB that there are inappropriate child images on FB and FB turns around and reports the BBC to the police that BBC is distributing these images?

I take it FB is unfamiliar with the Streisand effect.

You almost made it sound like somebody at the scale of influence of Facebook gave 2 shits about "streisand effect".

Comment Re: Arrest him and throw him into Gitmo (Score 1) 627

That's not how border security works. They don't need a warrant. The courts have decided this.

There was nothing illegal that happened here.

Even if you're a returning US citizen?

This word "freedom". I don't think you (or most of the USA) knows what it means even though you spend your entire lives repeating it.

Yes, even if you are a US citizen and yes, the "border" means up to 100km from actual border.

Comment Re: macs are for gays (Score 1) 268

This is the real tragedy actually. There is no market for a "manufacturer of quality PCs". Unless your name is Apple, you are slave to the magical pricepoints that the consumers care about and that's all there is to it. If you can't match them, you go out of business. Large vendors do have good individual product lines, yes, but nobody could actually survive on making and selling those alone.

Comment Re: In other words (Score 1) 188

Sure, and that 56% accounts for 30% of device revenue, 20% of app sales, and only 10% of devices with the newest OS installed.

You're looking at this ass backwards. The huge profit margin and the planned obsolescence that is at the core of Apple business model is the exact reason why they are losing their grip on the market.

Sounds like somebody needs a reality check. Planned obsolescence? I can only dream Android manufacturers were as good as Apple at this planned obsolescence thing, considering no Android vendor comes even close to supporting their hardware for so long.

Comment Re: There is a legitimate dispute (Score 0) 534

Sadly, you are very wrong. One of the biggest problems ot the scientific fields of today is precisely that debunking existing theories achieves literally nothing for the people doing the debunking.

Scientist careers today live and die by citations - how often their published work is cited by others. The problem is that published works that debunk an existing theory get cited several orders of magnitute LESS than the work they are trying to debunk. Worse yet, among people who actually read the "works of disproval", the majority only slightly change their opinion of the work being criticized.

So no, in the current environment it is highly improfitable and illogical for a scientist to engage in anything but original work (or work that at least looks original).

Comment Re: basically doing the same as china? (Score 3, Insightful) 415

Therein lies the biggest problem with current US free speech legislation. When a bunch of private entities like Google and Facebook hold a near-monopoly on the flow of information, who gives two shits about whether the goverment can censor you? It's the near-monopoly private entities I am most concerned about.

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