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Apple Finally Patches Java Vulnerability 177

macs4all writes "Apple has finally addressed the Java vulnerability that nearly everyone else patched months ago. Available now for OS X 10.4 and 10.5, and through Apple's Software Update service, this update patches a flaw in the Java Virtual Machine that could potentially allow a malicious Java applet to execute arbitrary code on the machine. Apple had previously advised users to turn off Java temporarily in their Web browsers."

Submission + - Most Popular eBook Formats?

Elledan writes: "I'm planning to release a number of novels and short stories the coming time via my website, yet I can't seem to find a clear answer on what format is preferred for ebooks, specifically for the wide range of portable devices out there, like PDAs, netbooks, eReaders like the Kindle and so on. PDF and plain text are apparently popular formats, yet the first suffers from scaling as far as I can tell (hard to read on small screen), while text of course lacks any kind of formatting. I'm not looking to encrypt or use any form of DRM. What are my best choices here?"

Submission + - Another cool franchise on the ropes...!

Kaneda2112 writes: I've been reading early reviews of Terminator Salvation ( — "T3 was a lousy film, but at least its fatalistic ending stuck with you. At the end of Terminator Salvation, I left the theater gagging on the world's most expensive Hallmark card, questioning why I was supposed to give a damn in the first place."

"The machines rise to the occasion. Too bad the dramatic element's just as robotic... An inescapable truth remains: It's just not the same without the Governator"

"In Terminator Salvation, machines have exterminated most of humankind and run the planet; I think they made the movie, too. This isn't storytelling, it's programming"

You gotta wonder what goes into the heads of movie studio execs when making an attempt to revive a franchise they give it to the director of Charlie's Angels. Couldn't they have come up with a smart, literate director of the JJ Abrams breed? Star Trek was awesome.

"a weak story, and a really weak ending"


Submission + - G1 Google phone could be most popular console ever (

Jon Jordan writes: "Pocket Gamer has been getting its fingers inside the unique new Zeebo console — a sub $200 system designed for emerging markets — to discover it's based on a hacked version of the T-Mobile G1 Google phone. It effectively consists of the chipset from the HTC Dream/G1 Android phone, plus some extra I/O to deal with TV screens, controllers and the like. If this gaming, entertainment and educational console for the billion-strong middle classes in emerging economies such as Brazil and India catches on, HTC could become a serious global gaming force."
PlayStation (Games)

Piracy and the PSP 272

In a lengthy interview with Gamasutra about the state of the Playstation brand in 2009, Sony's senior vice president of marketing, Peter Dille, made some interesting comments about how piracy has affected their popular portable console, the PSP. He said, "we're convinced that piracy has taken out a big chunk of our software sales on PSP," a platform that was slow to start anyway due to the lack of early interest from game developers. Dille mentions that while they can fight piracy with hardware upgrades in new versions, that doesn't do anything to help the roughly 50 million PSPs already out there. He goes on to address other aspects of the PlayStation line, including complaints about the pricing and exclusivity.

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