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Submission + - Rockstar uses no-cd patch for Max Payne 2 on Steam (

An anonymous reader writes: Liamaj posted on the steam forums a screenshot of the Max Payne 2 exe as viewed on Notepad ++.

As you can see there's an ASCII "Myth" logo, which is an old cracking team that were quite prevelent a while back. Seems Rockstar got a little lazy and used this crack instead of recompilling their executable without DRM.


Submission + - Google Forgets to Renew Gmail's SSL Certificate

conner_bw writes: "Google's SMTP server,, has just expired a couple minutes ago. It appears Google has forgotten to renew the certificate, even thought a Google Groups post warbed that it would be expiring today. I use this GMails's Secure SMTP on the daily, so what better way to get a quick fix then a tarring and feathering on the front page of Slashdot? :)"

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