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Comment PLASMA CANNONS. Come ON! (Score 1) 464

Seriously, how many times to I have to ask this. The Razer needs a total of SIX plasma cannons; two mounted on the tips of its wings and 4 along the hull. This prototype they've sent us will do for now, but what are lazers supposed to do againt giant frickin mechs? and don't get me started on projectile weaponry. With an aerial combat vehicle like this we get one shot at a stealth strike, and a one shot one kill weapon is the best we can hope for.

I ain't taking this on any test runs until you deliver me some real firepower.

(kudos to anyone who gets the reference)
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - John C. Dvorak's Big Secret (

BorkBorkBork writes: Say it ain't so. John C. Dvorak, long time Apple troll (or anything troll, actually) was pulled into a story about a Vista laptop gone horribly wrong. The article centers around a PC exorcist who was hired to make it right, but in it was this shocking admission:

I called John C. Dvorak, a prominent columnist for PC Magazine and a podcaster on the Podshow network. "I advise everybody to buy a Macintosh because Apple products are the easiest to use," he said. "If you own a PC, you have to find a local nerd, a kid, maybe a relative. Every family has one unless they've just moved here from a foreign country. That's the only solution."
Did he forget to say "don't publish this" before saying that? Most telling in the article is a line about the exorcist himself from the viewpoint of the PC owner: "He started tinkering with computers during the green-screen era of the 1990s". Oh, wow.


Store Stops Selling Lolita Bed

If the people who run Woolworth's website had ever read the famous Nabokov novel, seen one of the 2 movies based on it or listened to the police in the 80's they might have known that calling a line of beds for little girls, the Lolita line, wasn't the best Idea. "Now this has been brought to our attention, the product has been removed from sale with immediate effect. We will be talking to the supplier with regard to how the branding came about." says the company. Other controversial products like the Cobain trigger lock and Ahmadinejad's big book of fictional atrocities are still on the shelves.

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