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Comment Re:Not Quite Right (Score 1) 227

If Alphabet offers everything else but their content, where is the content going to go. Facebook? Bing?

Think about it then ask yourself, who has the biggest streaming platform on the internet? Nix that, what company exists which have more cash reserves than all of the broadcasters combined? That may be taken too literally, but the odds are stacked far from the broadcaster's favor based on Netflix and Amazon action.


Comment Re:Will increase risks of cargo hold fires (Score 1) 286

cargo holds have smoke detectors and fire suppression systems. it would be noticed immediately and the flight would be diverted. a single note 7 caught fire, not multiple note 7s on a flight. so considering the same events transpired except note 7s were placed in storage the problem would still be a single note 7 catching fire (or probably less since phones would be powered off and less likely to overheat and rupture).

FUD that is FUD is still FUD that gets +5 insightful


Comment Re:Wow (Score 5, Interesting) 347

I hate to burst your bubble, but I wonder if I may be part of this class action. I had a laptop that was Windows 7 for the longest time. It decided to upgrade itself to Windows 10. Cool. For about a month then my laptop refused to boot windows again. I can boot to a usb stick but not to any other partition on the HD. It is very possible that EFI went corrupt after an upgrade. I tried to recover the system and ended up losing all my data. Also, I could not reinstall Windows 7 or 10 ever again. My laptop is effectively bricked.

I honestly would be saying the same thing that you did IF I hadn't experienced the same issue that lady who had to buy a new one did. Because I am an expert, I know I can install a new OS. But the fact that I cannot reinstall Windows (first reboot puts the system into a hung state) is telling. I also had to buy a new laptop because I need Microsoft products to do my job. It's not like I had time to send it in for warranty repair and twiddle my thumbs while they send me a new laptop. Plus that laptop was an i7-2600k. It wasn't a slouch, I still played CS:GO and BF4 on it up until it decided to not turn on again -- I didn't want a new laptop, I NEEDED it.. So it's entirely plausible and now I am going to resurrect that machine and maybe consider joining in on this adventure.


Comment Re:Good job! T-mobile (Score 0) 76

maybe, i just worry how they go about doing it and what options the little person has if they get caught in the trap. my business is small, we only have 5 lines. i don't need to spend $500/month on phone service. my voip service costs me $24-$29/month and it allows me to set our outbound phone numbers to our sales people's personal cell phones. this measure, to me, sounds like my company will be swept up in the mess and not given two shits meaning i'm going to have to spend $500/mo with some major provider to prevent being swept up.

and $5 says robocalls won't end, they'll just make a smarter robo


Comment Re:I like more space. (Score 1) 266

sounds like you had a bulkhead seat. a > 14" laptop does not bode well on airplanes at all, even economy plus or whatever they call a 2" increase of space while you're still in economy. i downsized to a 14" laptop and i have zero issue with using it on any flight. my last flight i was sitting in the middle seat back in row 34 or something near the back of the plane and i was able to code without issue.

if you fly, stay away from 15" or larger laptops, they are incompatible with planes


Comment Re:Doesn't get us far (Score 1) 178

--valid numbers that have been allocated to a phone company but haven't been assigned to a subscriber: in a carrier's reserve

First let me address your quote. We broke up Ma Bell and created CLECs remember? You can get a phone number from multiple carriers. Or to make it easy, Sprint has no idea what numbers I have registered from T-Mobile.

Now on to what really matters. When your attacker (lets call them what they really are) are coming from a foreign vpn using a legitimate US VOIP service what do you actually do? The VoIP service typically does terminate the account and moves on with their day. Now you have an entire call center in a country that doesn't necessarily follow US laws that (a) purchases VPNs or dedicated servers/colos from US based companies, (b) opens multiple accounts with multiple VoIP and Cell phone services and starts the process all over again.

What you need to do is attack the company at the end who is charging credit cards. Why do I need to spend several weeks to capture the famous robo-dialer "Rebecca from card services" and find out one of it's users is a debt consolidation company in Florida. I get all the details and pass it on to relevant authorities, including alerting my credit card company that this is a fraudlent service, who do NOTHING. The Florida company is still open and running today, even though they claimed they were using a lead-generation service. The laws are weak. Until you punish the companies benefiting (Credit Card merchants, Lead-generation Users, etc) you won't see a change. And that won't happen under this presidency so lets keep on dreaming.


Comment Re:It's a trap! (Score 1) 163

My Audi had a relay which controlled the heater, turn signals and windshield wipers. Cars are designed in an evolutionary style, so while it makes no sense to you it also makes no sense to millennials why your favorite i-core processor still starts in 16-bit mode and needs to be manually setup for 32-bit mode before a modern OS can load. Backwards compatibility is backwards compatibility.


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