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Comment Re:Renewable or infinite? (Score 1) 835

EVEN IF we can find a cheap, abundant replacement energy source for everyone to use, replacing fossil fuels completely: We still have a problem! No energy conversion process is 100% efficient. There are SO MANY of us now, using SO MUCH energy, and generating SO MUCH WASTE HEAT, that the planet's heat level is rising with no end in sight -- short of apocalyptic decimation of the swarming mass of humanity.

Comment Republicans: The Party of "Oh No You Didn't, Obama (Score 1) 990

It's sad to see our country crashing down in ruins, and EVERYTHING our president tries to do to stop it is IMMEDIATELY STOMPED ON by his political enemies, the Rebuplican Party. You could also see this as another attempt by rich people (aka Republicans) to make a little more money, a little faster, and to hell with the consequences for the environment or the economy.

Comment Re:I have a better idea (Score 1) 785

Why don't we just leave them to their business, and keep to our own? Otherwise, we'll have community organizers signing up dolphins to vote in elections and lobbying for tax dollars to fund flipper-accessible housing.

We don't do that now, do we? We pollute their environment with the raucous and confusing noise of cargo ships hauling goods back and forth across the oceans, drowning them with fishing nets, harvesting their food to eat ourselves, capturing them to amuse us with their tricks, (the Japanese) harvesting them for "scientific research" (aka, eating them), etc? Let's face it, they can't beat us OR join they're well and truly frakked.


10% of US Energy Derived From Old Soviet Nukes 213

Nrbelex writes "The New York Times reports that about 10 percent of electricity generated in the United States comes from fuel from dismantled nuclear bombs, mostly Russian. 'It's a great, easy source' of fuel, said Marina V. Alekseyenkova, an analyst at Renaissance Bank and an expert in the Russian nuclear industry that has profited from the arrangement since the end of the cold war. But if more diluted weapons-grade uranium isn't secured soon, the pipeline could run dry, with ramifications for consumers, as well as some American utilities and their Russian suppliers.'"

Comment Re:So something which we can't define... (Score 1) 267

I REMEMBER asking this very question in high school science class...during the discussion of the "accepted definition of life"..."WHAT IF" rocks are alive, but living so slowly they aren't even aware of ephemeral protoplasmic life?" I got sent to the Principal's Office as a TROUBLEMAKER and a CLASS DISRUPTION!

Comment Re:Last I heard they were still a crock... (Score 1) 581

I have worked in nuclear power generation for the past 25 years. I've had to take the MMPI every time I go to a different plant, whether I've worked there before or not. You say the MMPI was thoroughly discredited 20 years ago? Nobody told the Nuclear Fairies... Me and everyone I've worked with refer to the MMPI as "the nut test" and we all assume it's to exclude SANE people, not US!

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