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Comment Re:Mud and water (Score 1) 140

This is designed to augment a fire team - i.e. 4 armed men, with 100lb backpacks, on foot. I think if a guy with a firehose gets close enough to the squad to hose this guy off, either the squad or he will have more pressing issues to worry about... As for the mud, the previous version did very well in snow tests - I'd imagine mud will get worked out eventually as well.

Comment Re:Does Not Compute (Score 1) 580

"facts on the ground" in the valley disprove your assertions - the unemployment rate among College educated individuals in the valley right now is about 4.5%, compared to a general population unemployment rate of 12-15% in some other parts of the state. I happen to work for one of many companies in the valley that are growing at an amazing rate, and our #1 problem is that we can't hire people fast enough.

It's pretty clear that there is a contingent of recently 'overemployed' individuals around here that feel that they still deserve that $130k salary they lucked into in 2007, even though their skills and work history don't back that up...

Comment Re:Tax Principle #1: Minimized Disruptive Impact (Score 1) 623

And how exactly would one calculate the tax to impose o a shipping company? By 'declared value'? Good luck - try to force an out-of-state company to 'declare' a true value on a shipped good entering your state. See how well that works.
Tax by weight? So an engagement ring worth $20 gets taxed pennies, and a hardback book worth $20 gets taxed a buck? Not gonna work either.
And if you just tax at a flat rate for all shipments entering your state, all you've done is raised the cost of doing business to those in your state and given them one more incentive to move to nevada, arizona, or oregon.
the real solution here is to stop spending more money as a state than we have. This state collects a historically high amount of tax money, and still wastes more money than we take in. The budget needs to be balanced, and it can't be balanced on the backs of the tax payer alone.

Comment Re:4000 1000? (Score 1) 336

You're missing the time scale here - the iOS app has been out for a long time, sold far more copies, and has gathered 4000 reviews, while the newly released Android app already has 1000 reviews. The rate of reviews/sales and reviews/time are much higher on their Android app. Or you could have just read the whole article...

Comment Re:And the value of this is ... nil? (Score 1) 208

The real advantage to encrypting your iOS backups is that when you do iTunes will then back up WEP/WPA passwords, mail passwords, and possibly some other sensitive stuff I've never noticed before. For obvious reasons these are normally left out of the unencrypted backup, so encrypting makes the restoration process much smoother.

Comment Re:If it compromises a bundled runtime... (Score 1) 244

Adobe didn't have a working version of flash available for mobile devices for ~3 years after the first iPhone shipped and ~2 years after the G1 shipped. It took almost a year after that for it to come out of beta and ship in a reasonable stable manner. During that time all Adobe did was whine and cry that "Apple is blocking flash"... Yeah, right.... Put a fork in it - please.

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 579

iOS 4.2 will add printing to the iPad... About. Fracking. Time!

No kidding - all those Android tablets have been printing for YEARS... Yup, Apple's way behind the curve on this one - totally missed the boat. I mean, really - it should have been obvious to anyone that a media/web tablet would need printing capability! Printing out web pages and emails to compressed dead tree material is TEH FUTURE.

Comment Re:Atom (Score 1) 199

"Noone needs a fscking 2.8Ghz dual core processor just to run flash video, all you need is a better OS and a little optimization." An Atom alone is fine for the 360/480p YouTube stuff, and low res hulu, but try watching some 720/1080p flash on that n270 and you'll learn what a slideshow is.

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