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Submission + - SPAM: Easy Ways To Know If He Likes You

landon2011 writes: "Dating is hard, but it is even more difficult to tell if a guy likes you. You may not want to put yourself out there without being surer that your feelings are going to be reciprocated. That is completely understandable, but if you are not willing to take a chance by asking him how you can tell if a guy likes you? Thankfully there are some easy signs that may give you the indication that you are looking for.
1. Body language can be one of your biggest clues. Generally if a guy likes you he will lean closer as the two of you are having a conversation. Additionally, chances are that the minute that you come into a view a smile will come across his face. You may also notice that he gets more physical with you Timberland shoes than other girls. When you talk he may touch your arm or your shoulder. He may say hello or goodbye with a hug, and he may even slip his arm around you. These simple shifts in body language may indicate that your special guy is interested in you.Timberland shoes.
2. Eye contact can be another signal that a guy is into you. The next time that you have a conversation pay special attention to how much eye contact he makes with you. Take a look at the expression in his eyes as that can have an indication of his feelings for you. Additionally, keep a look out to see if you ever catch him staring at you. Often when a guy has a crush on a girl he will end up staring when she’s not looking. Chances are if you catch him doing this repeatedly you may be on to something.
3. Be aware, that sometimes guys are not quite sure how to like you and you may find him putting you through some mind games. He may try to play the jealousy card by either flirting with your friends so that you are jealous, or he may get irritated and be jealous when you are talking to his friends. While this may not be the clearest signal it can be a reputable signal that a guy may have a crush on you.
4. Additionally, if a guy pays special attention to details about you it may mean that he likes you. Does he listen very carefully to what you say? Does he remember small details that you have mentioned? Does he tell jokes that only you would get? This attention to what you would like is just another indicator that he may like you.
5. Guys will also be on their best behavior around girls that they like. Typically, they will hold doors open for you, pull out your chair, and even help you carry things. There is a chance that the guy is just polite, but especially if this behavior is only displayed toward you it can point to you being the object of his crush.
6. You can also tell if a guy likes you if he really is himself around you. If he wants you to know who he is and what he is about it can be an indicator that he likes you. Many men are guarded with their real personalities and insecurities, but if they allow you to see who they really are they are letting you in to a very special place.
7. Compliments can also indicate that you are the object of his affection. Does he compliment you a lot? Are these compliments unexpected? Again, guys are not known for showering affection on others, even if they’re friends. However, if they really like you they may not be able to stop themselves.
8. Perhaps the biggest indicator that he likes you can be if he talks about future plans with you as a part of them. This could be a simple as the desire to do something together in a couple of months or as complex as talking about what your kids are going to look like. Either way, future plans indicate that he wants you to be part of his life.
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