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Submission + - GNOME 3 to switch to Java Script as primary language for GNOME Apps (golem.de)

An anonymous reader writes: Golem.de has released a story that the GNOME core developers have agreed at Fosdem 2013 to switch to Java Script as the primary language for upcoming GNOME Applications. The article clearly states that the old languages should still be supported.

Submission + - Anonymous Claims to have Hacked Sony PSN Again (paritynews.com)

hypnosec writes: Anonymous has claimed a new attack on Sony PlayStation Network and this time around it seems that it has managed to hack nearly 10 million user accounts and and as a proof of the hack dumped more than 3000 credentials online in the form of a pastebin post. The notorious hacktivist group is claiming that the entire set of hacked credentials contains over 10 million PSN accounts and that the file is of around 50GB.

Submission + - US Doc Finds Anatomical Evidence for the Elusive "G-Spot" (medicaldaily.com)

An anonymous reader writes: A gynecology professor says that he has found anatomical evidence for the “G-spot,” or Gräfenberg Spot, the elusive erogenous zone that is said to bring on powerful vaginal orgasms and in some cases female ejaculation when stimulated in some women.

Submission + - 2011 Ig Nobel prizes: laugh first, think later (networkworld.com)

alphadogg writes: The quirky Ig Nobel prizes honoring some of the world's funniest if not the most practical academic research will be handed out Thursday night at Harvard University during ceremonies that will include help from actual Nobel laureates. The theme this year is chemistry, but that doesn't really restrict which entries might win, judging from research that has claimed Ig Nobels in the past. For instance, last year the prize for medicine went to a Netherlands researcher who discovered that riding roller coasters alleviates asthma symptoms. The prize for engineering went to an international team "for perfecting a method to collect whale snot using a remote-control helicopter."

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