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Comment OK, now DO SOMETHING about it. (Score 4, Insightful) 693

Like so many other things, people slap a magnet on the back of their minivan to Raise Awareness, and then pretend they've done something. You being all alarmed or convinced or otherwise aware of the problem after seeing the movie, doesn't actually accomplish anything. DO SOMETHING. Plant a tree. Plant a thousand trees. Install solar panels. Change your light bulbs over to LED. Turn down the thermostat. Properly inflate your tires. Get a job closer to home. DO SOMETHING.

I've planted around 10,000 trees, and installed around 10KW of solar panels. The solar panels are on a 4-5 year schedule to pay back the money spent on them, after which it's pure profit. AND, all the CO2 emissions that have been avoided by having them producing energy. I changed jobs to reduce my drive by an hour a day. We even gave tree seedlings to our wedding reception guests. Maybe I don't have a magnet on the back of my car, but, to me, actually doing something about it is more important than "raising awareness".

Solar is a great way to do something, and, have a great investment. Where else can you put your money and get a ~5 year ROI?

Comment Re:Fuck Bre Pettis (Score 1) 65

Exactly. Us Cupcake owners financed his team's development of the Thing-O-Matic. We were fine with that, we welcomed it as the next release of an open-source success story. And then Bre abandoned us Cupcake owners, 3 months afther the ToM was live, with a tacit "fuck you, buy the new stuff" message. Out of stock for months is a passive-aggressive approach to abandoning your supporters. Not cool, Bre.

Comment Bre is a whore. (Score 4, Interesting) 65

Bre has abandoned the people who gave him his start. Sorry, but abandoning the first-gen "Cupcake" bot, 3 MONTHS after the next bot came out, and doing the same to the Thing-O-Matic folks, is a slap in the face to the open-source community who gave him his start. He's nothing other than a money-seeking whore, who betrayed his early supporters for the Almighty Buck. Even today's software updates, which have nothing different from the Whatzitplicator mark 1 and 2 other than a volumetric envelope setting, Makerbot Industries have abandoned the ones who gave them their start and turned into the entity that they pretended to not be part of. I wonder how many months before Bre adds some DRM crap to his supplies so you can only print stuff on Makerbot printers if you buy their own branded, DRM'd, overpriced filaments. And to think that I supported you, Bre. What an idiot I was. You seemed so sincere.

Comment Because they don't know why it works. (Score 1) 614

This isn't complicated. They stay with old unsupported crap because they know that the people who set it up are gone, and they aren't sure how to make it work again. They lost the recipe. They would rather saddle their support organizations with bugs that were fixed years ago, than to risk the unknown. The pathetic part of this is, that they miss out on years of bug fixes and performance improvements, because they think they're saving money by laying off the people who built their critical infrastructure. Intangible costs are intangible. ...but, they make it hard to retain support staff...

Comment Re:Misleading statement in TFA (Score 3, Insightful) 125

Nitpicking, my ass. The difference between 10% and 17% is huge. Wake me when someone finds a mass-producable solar cell that has better than that efficiency, and decades of life at that output. Current (heh...) silicon PV cells have reached the point of a 6 year payback on investment, and where the rails to mount them on cost more than the panels they hold. Until someone finds a hypothetical breakthrough, anything less than this efficiency is a waste of time and money other than for pure research.

Dennis Tito's 2018 Mars Mission To Be Manned 233

Last Thursday, we discussed news that millionaire Dennis Tito was planning a private mission to Mars in 2018, but details were sparse. Now, reader RocketAcademy writes that Tito has provided more information about the tip, and that he intends the mission to be manned: "Dennis Tito, the first citizen space explorer to visit the International Space Station, has created the Inspiration Mars Foundation to raise funds for an even more dramatic mission: a human flyby of the planet Mars. Tito, a former JPL rocket scientist who later founded the investment firm Wilshire Associates, proposes to send two Americans — a man and a woman — on a 501-day roundtrip mission which would launch on January 5, 2018. Technical details of the mission can be found in a feasibility analysis (PDF), which Tito is scheduled to present at the IEEE Aerospace Conference in March. Former NASA flight surgeon Dr. Jonathon Clark, who is developing innovative ways of dealing with radiation exposure during the mission, called the flight 'an Apollo 8 moment for the next generation.'"

Comment Re:I must be getting old (Score 1) 281


"The Sun Fire server brand was a series of server computers introduced in 2001".

You think something from 2001 is old? What are you? 12?

Eh, it's past end of service life. Fine for a home or lab use, but, yeah, a 1280 is old. Beautiful hardware, built like a battleship. But at this point, having any of the purple generation of Sun gear in a datacenter is just a disaster recovery situation waiting to happen. So, old, certainly. Useless? Not by a far stretch. Just no longer enterprise-ready.

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