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Comment Re:How prevalent? (Score 2, Informative) 449

Several times windows update has borked internet access outside the local subnet[1]. In one of the cases it wouldn't even connect to MS, so it couldn't fix itself. Rolling back to a restore point did the trick. I then waited a few days till the fix for the fix was out...

P.S. I have it set to "Check, but ask before installing". Anyone else find that sometimes it just goes ahead and does it?

[1] I think it does this when there's a pending update for IE.

Comment Re:Perhaps... (Score 1) 567

Oh you want native resolution fine but you will need to give up GNOME, Unless you want to install it via TAR Balls

Dude, nobody is calling you an idiot. They're all reading that sentence and calling you a cocksucker because you have clearly never used Linux and just assembled some random sentence fragments.


Comment Re:works in Boston (Score 1) 385

As I stated before, you have no expectation of privacy in a public place

this is about the government getting once step closer to forming a police state. This is about the progressive destruction of presumption of innocence.

If you are going to be abusive and not even bother reading what others have to say, then you should shut the fuck up. Quit being abusive and try to read what people have to say, you might just hear something new.

I'm not saying these systems create a police state, I'm saying that unopposed installation of these systems is a step towards a police state. After the ShotSpotter installations, full blown London style CCTV is only a small step away. Once we have CCTV cameras on every corner, it's another small step until we start doing facial recognition to start tracking individuals from camera to camera. Once we have that system set up, it's only yet another small step until we tie that system into a wanted fugitive database, and another step before we start logging all of the data for everyone, just in case. Every step of the way we will hear cries about how "if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to worry about", and "if you are in the public, you have no right to privacy."

Comparing CCTV coverage and citizen tracking systems to "just more police on the street" is bogus. Police on regular patrol duty don't track and log your movements for later.

PS. Someone disagreeing with you is not a "red herring". I know that is a fun new term you just learned in debate class 101, but you using it improperly whenever you don't feel like actually making a good counter argument does nothing but hurt you. These are not deliberate attempts to derail the conversation, these are things people actually feel about this sort of thing. Or do you think everyone that opposes this stuff is actually some gang-banger who just doesn't want to get caught?

Comment Re:Funny... (Score 1) 507

Problem with the low-carb diet is that it is hard to maintain. HARD to maintain. All casual foods are ridiculously high in carbs. Still, when you can do it, it works every time and works extremely well.

Yup. Lost 80 lbs on low-carb, then gained much of it back once I started eating "normal" food, despite my total calorie intake being supposedly similar (1800-2500 calories/day). According to the medical-grade meters (whatever my doctor uses) my resting metabolic rate is 2600 calories, yet I will easily gain 1/3 lb PER DAY on that many calories.

I decided this time to lose weight the "right way", with 6-7 200-300 calorie meals spaced every 2-3 hours throughout the day, plus lots of cardio and strength training. I've got more muscle mass than ever -- at 300 lbs I can even do 1-2 overhand grip pullups -- and I'm clocking 2000-8000 calories burn per week, yet the weight is dropping at half the rate of a low-carb diet. It's dropping though, and I don't get tired/moody in the evenings, and I can have the occasional high-calorie meal without disrupting my metabolism for an entire week.

I've gained a lot of respect for the people who lose by controlling calorie usage. I've found about a 6:1 ratio of time required to lose:gain weight: six hours of cardio is required to undo the damage of one hour of fast food. I don't know any comparable activity that requires that much discipline.

Comment Re:More complete block (Score 1) 74

Antivirus 2009 is far superior. I didn't even know my girlfriend's system was at risk until she installed it.

And give them your credit card and it magically all goes away. Along with your credit card. :)

As someone who kills spyware infections for clients on a regular basis, I got the joke (good god, I hope you're joking). But I imagine a few people here won't, so I'll explain. In short: Google it. In slightly longer, Wikipedia it. In even longer: It's not a real antivirus program. It pretends to be, finds an assload of nonexistent problems, then tells you the "full version" fixes them, only $x9.95! Where X is any profitable positive integer.

It's the PC world equivalent a conman putting on a lab coat and opening a doctor's office, then telling every patient they have AIDS, three kinds of cancer, swine flu, diabetes, some more cancer, a prolapsed uterus (often accidentally telling even the men this), and a collapsed lung, and it will only take $200 in pills to fix, only available from him.

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