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Comment Re:Or not (Score 4, Insightful) 197

Yeah it does doesn't it? However this is Gordon Brown's bunch of incompetent fuck-wits, at least until the next election when they will be replaced by David Cameron's bunch of incompetent fuck-wits! UK Government IT is all based on back-handers and directors taking cuts for projects that are almost always delayed and almost always nothing like what they were supposed to achieve. I wouldn't trust the Gov's IT mob to run a 1 table with 1 row Access database, they'd fuck it up or leave it on a USB on a train somewhere!

Ubisoft's Authentication Servers Go Down 634

ZuchinniOne writes "With Ubisoft's fantastically awful new DRM you must be online and logged in to their servers to play the games you buy. Not only was this DRM broken the very first day it was released, but now their authentication servers have failed so absolutely that no-one who legally bought their games can play them. 'At around 8am GMT, people began to complain in the Assassin's Creed 2 forum that they couldn't access the Ubisoft servers and were unable to play their games.' One can only hope that this utter failure will help to stem the tide of bad DRM."

Comment Meanwhile, in an office Bejing... (Score 1) 74

"Presumably either the ideas leaking in through an unfiltered Internet are not reaching a large enough proportion of the population, or the ideas are not expected to take hold in enough people's minds to reach a tipping point that causes a problem for the ruling party."

Comrade Minister of People's Internet Service Provider: "Comrade Minister of Enforcement of Proper Thinking, I am pleased to announce that Great Firewall 3.0 is now in place and operational. "

Comrade Minister of Enforcement of Proper Thinking: Comrade Minister of People's Internet Service Provider, this is a glorious accomplishment. We can now prevent all manner of dangerous information from reaching the people and disrupting our peace and prosperity. But..., you have blocked my access to RedTube. I can no longer perform my research into the disgusting sex practices of the Western Imperialist dogs.

Comrade Minister of People's Internet Service Provider: "Dude, have you never heard of UltraSurf?"


Submission + - Jack Thompson Facing Disbarment Trial

pwizard2 writes: Controversial Miami attorney Jack Thompson faces the start of an ethics trial this morning which could get him disbarred. Have we seen the end of his shenanigans, and is he finally going to see some long-overdue comeuppance?

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