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Comment Retarded? (Score 1) 1

Anyone who cant count 9 squares on a screen should be considered legally retarded.... no need to make another "mental condition" for stupid people.... aside from the fact that (most of us) can count to 10 on our hands... even at the age of 5 "Oh its not my fault I cant count to 9 reliably, I have a special condition so I cant be expected to pull my head from my arse."

Submission + - SPAM: Big World Magazine: Shooting Child Slavery

shelleyseale writes: Former child laborers Ashikul Islam and Sahiful Mondal lived at a home for destitute boys in Calcutta. In 2004, the two 10-year-olds made a short independent film called “I Am,” winning Grand Prize at the International Children’s Film Festival.
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Comment Not a Scam... (Score 1) 4

To call these certs a scam is just plain ignorant, they are a decent baseline of skills, and I personally have gained jobs over other individuals because they had no certs (especially when fresh from school without much work experience. As a hiring manager, I would take many certs over a Random degree, as most degrees only show you were willing to show up to class for a few years and party 4-5 days a week.

Submission + - CompTIA reneges on agreement with cert holders ( 4

walterbyrd writes: CompTIA deserves a class-action lawsuit.

Just last year CompTIA’s FAQ stated:
Question: Will I ever need to renew my certifications?
Answer: No, CompTIA certifications are lifetime certifications.

To me, this would seem to constitute a unilateral contract. Once consideration has been given to CompTIA, this contract should be binding.

Now, on a whim, CompTIA has decided to renege on their contracts with hundreds of thousands of certification holders.

From CompTIA's website:

> "CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+ or CompTIA Security+ certifications are now valid for three years from the date the candidate is certified."

> "The new certification renewal policy is applicable to all individuals who hold CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+ or CompTIA Security+ certifications, regardless of the date they were certified."

Whether or not expiring certifications are good or bad, for cert holders is besides the point. Previous cert holders had an agreement with CompTIA, and it is not fair, and should not be legal, for CompTIA to arbitrarily to break that agreements.

If CompTIA wants to change the agreement with subsequent exam takers, is a different matter. Comptia has not right to renege on agreements that they have already made.


digitalroundhouse writes: Now this isn't one of those posts begging for financial help, and I'm definitely not trying to click with Slashdot's emotional tendencies or anything like that. My friend Jerrod, a really talented recent college grad, has taken a chance in this economy and has been working on his own webseries, "Appleseed Elementary." He finished the pilot, and is working with a company in New York to find sponsors for it. Something that will help him out is if his YouTube trailer got a lot of hits and subscribers. Just watch the trailer, it's only 40 seconds long and every hit would add up and help him a lot! Thanks for all the help!


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Submission + - Katers17's YouTube World of Warcraft audition (

An anonymous reader writes: Katers17’s video serves as her desperate plee to Blizzard, director Sam Raimi, and a call to arms for her numerous fanboys and fangirls to get her in the WoW film. Katers17 represents the classic, cute girl gamer thrust into internet stardom because...well because she's a cute girl who plays video games. Check it out and see if she’s worthy to play a Tauren lass.

Comment Probably in the Company Policy (Score 1) 2

Most companies have an entry policy summing up the fact that you're not allowed to discuss internal company affairs in public mediums, IE: complaining\commenting about the job on social networking sites. I am not sure about the state legality of that, but at the company I work for you have to sign an agreement like that before being hired, and that same agreement extends until after your employment (basically saying you're not allowed to bad mouth them if you get fired). As a matter of fact, social networking sites are block on my company's intranet, but special exceptions are made to those in the legal and public affairs departments so they can regularly look for this type of thing.

Submission + - Google's Islam Censor ( 5

codewarren writes: Google (US and UK at least) appear to be censoring suggestions for searches starting with "Islam Is". Go to Google, try typing "Christianity is" and seeing the suggestions of a lie, bullshit, false, etc... Try Hinduism, Judaism, etc... similar. Then try "Islam is" and there are absolutely no suggestions.
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Journal Journal: Spys have forgotten what business they are in.... 1

I have a saying, paraphrasing The Man With No Name: "when a business forgets what business it is in, that business is a dead business."

For example, Polaroid made their money on instant photography - that was their business. They forgot that, and got the idea they were in the self-developing film business, and so chose to ignore the digital photography business, because it wasn't self-developing film. Kodak moved in, and look where Polariod is now.

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Journal Journal: Courts Starting To Reign In Taser Abuse...

...and it sure is about time too. In 2005 a California LEO tasered a man on the street who wasn't resisting, attacking or trying to flee. Without a word of warning, the LEO tasered the man in the arm with two metal darts, delivering a 1,200-volt jolt. What happened next?

Comment Disagree (Score 1) 1

I couldn't disagree more, have a few people let the door slam behind them as you are a few steps away and feel the urge to run up and kick them in the ass.... yea that seems much better, as a matter of fact, why dont we stop it with the have a nice days and hellos too, just give that blank staring down the hallway look every time you pass someone and the world would be a much better place.

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