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Submission + - Nissan Computers Vs Nissan Motors (nissan.com)

kulbirsaini writes: "This is a pretty old story and everybody thinks that the case is over. Now Nissan Motors is trying to obtain a Federal Trademark Registration for computers and computer peripherals among other classes of goods and services. It seems like Nissan Motors is trying to build a ground where they can sue Nissan Computers in future in computer market. Checkout the complete story here."

Submission + - Mysterious Sound Waves Can Destroy Rockets

Ponca City, We love you writes: "Scientists believe that powerful and unstable sound waves, created by energy supplied by the combustion process, were the cause of rocket failures in several US and Russian rockets and have also observed these mysterious oscillations in other propulsion and power-generating systems such as missiles and gas turbines. Now, researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have developed a liquid rocket engine simulator and imaging techniques to help demystify the cause of these explosive sound waves and bring scientists a little closer to being able to understand and prevent them. The team was able to clearly demonstrate that the phenomenon manifests itself in the form of spinning acoustic waves that gain destructive power as they rotate around the rocket's combustion chamber at a rate of 5,000 revolutions per second. Researchers developed a low-pressure combustor to simulate larger rocket engines then used a very-high-speed camera with fiber optic probes to observe the formation and behavior of excited spinning sound waves within the engine. "This is a very troublesome phenomenon in rockets," said Professor Ben Zinn. "These spinning acoustic oscillations destroy engines without anyone fully understanding how these waves are formed. Visualizing this phenomenon brings us a step closer to understanding it.""

Submission + - Colorado Decertifies Electronic Voting Machines (denverpost.com)

CUShane writes: "Colorado's looming primary and presidential elections were thrown into turmoil Monday when many of the state's electronic voting machines were deemed unreliable and unsecure by Secretary of State Mike Coffman," according to the Denver Post. Coffman has decertified voting machines made by three of the four manufacturers operating in Colorado: Sequoia Voting System, Hart InterCivic, and Election Systems & Software. The decision affects 53 counties in Colorado. The only company to pass the certification is Premier Election Systems (formerly Diebold Election Systems).

Submission + - MIT dude disproves Wolfram on 44 conjectures 2

blue2 writes: Fresh out of press from the "Journal of cellular automata" ... geeky author Evangelos Georgiadis disproves legendary Stephen Wolfram on 44 conjectures. Abstract reads: In this note, we disprove 44 claims in [4] on minimal Boolean formula size of one-dimensional two-state nearest neighbor cellular automata as well as set a new lowersize bound. http://www.oldcitypublishing.com/JCA/JCA%202.4%20abstracts/GEORGIADIS.html

Submission + - Scientists propose even less efficient solar power (sandia.gov)

wattrlz writes: "Scientists at Sandia National Labs in New Mexico have proposed a technique for using solar energy to reverse the combustion process and convert water into hydrogen and CO2 into methane and/or methanol.

...Over the past year they have shown proof of concept and are completing a prototype device that will use concentrated solar energy to reenergize carbon dioxide or water, the products of combustion. This will form carbon monoxide, hydrogen, and oxygen, which ultimately could be used to synthesize liquid fuels in an integrated S2P [Sunshine to Petrol] system... "What's exciting about this invention is that it will result in fossil fuels being used at least twice, meaning less carbon dioxide being put into the atmosphere and a reduction of the rate that fossil fuels are pulled out of the ground,"


Submission + - Artificial Blood Vessels Grown on a Nano-Template (eurekalert.org)

Invisible Pink Unicorn writes: "Researchers at MIT have found a way to induce cells to form parallel tube-like structures that could one day serve as tiny engineered blood vessels. The researchers found that they can control the cells' development by growing them on a surface with nano-scale patterning. The work focuses on vascular tissue, which includes capillaries, the tiniest blood vessels, and is an important part of the circulatory system. The team has created a surface that can serve as a template to grow capillary tubes aligned in a specific direction. The cells, known as endothelial progenitor cells (EPCs), not only elongate in the direction of the grooves, but also align themselves along the grooves. That results in a multicellular structure with defined edges — a band structure. Once the band structures form, the researchers apply a commonly used gel that induces cells to form three-dimensional tubes."

Submission + - Dell announces touchscreen and is immediately sued (informationweek.com)

goombah99 writes: Dell computer announced their foray into consumer touchscreen tablets using multitouch technology. And they are immediately sued in Texas by a company who's 1995 and 1997 patents cover "Portable computer with touch screen and computing system employing same". The claims seem to cover any touchscreen laptop or computing device. The Latitude XT's base price is $2,499, it has a 12.1-inch LED-backlit screen, a 1.06-gigahertz Intel Core 2 Solo processor, 1GB of memory, and a 40GB hard drive with Vista or XP. Battery life is said to be 5 hours and it weighs 3.5 pounds. The screen rotates from notebook with integral keyboard to tablet mode.

Journal Journal: Researchers identify granddaddy of human blood cells

Researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine have isolated a human blood cell that represents the great-grandparent of all the cells of the blood, a finding that could lead to new treatments for blood cancers and other blood diseases. This cell, called the multipotent progenitor, is the first offspring of the much-studied blood-forming stem cell that resides in the bone marrow and gives rise to all cel

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