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Submission + - White House Petition Signatures Needed for Helium Supply Closure (whitehouse.gov)

An anonymous reader writes: With the pending closure of the Federal Helium Reserve on October 7, 2013, we are facing a loss in the availability of 42% of the US crude Helium supply and 1/3 for the world's supply. Helium's unique physical properties make it vital for scientific research, medicine, hospitals and manufacturing, and greatly reducing its availability will have a devastating impact on these industries. We are requesting your help by signing our We the People petition to the White House.

Submission + - Free Multi-user Remote Desktop Management

digitalderbs writes: I'm setting up a research lab in physical chemistry, and as part of my setup, I'd like to get a server with 8-12 cores that can be used by my students and post-docs. I'd like to give desktop (GUI) access to each of my users so that they may use software licensed only for that computer. I've tried X-forwarding with ssh on a fast network, and performance is definitely an issue. I'm looking for a free (and preferrably open sourced) system for managing multiple remote desktop sessions. VNC is of course the standard, and it works well but, from what I can tell, lacks multi-user session management. The NoMachine NX server works wonderfully on both low and high latency networks, but it's limited to two concurrent users. Alternative NX server implementations exist, including FreeNX, x2go and Google's neatx. What are your recommendations for remote desktop management client and server software for 6-12 concurrent users over a high (100Mbps) or low (1Mbps) bandwidth connection?

Submission + - Citibank Compromised (theglobeandmail.com)

digitalderbs writes: In a recent attack on Citibank, hackers "breached the bank's network and accessed data on hundreds of thousands of bank card holders." At this stage, Citigroup has admitted that customer names, account numbers, and contact information have been compromised, but not birth dates, social security numbers and CVV security codes. News of this major breach hasn't yet been reported by major US news agencies.

Submission + - Django 1.3 released (djangoproject.com)

digitalderbs writes: Django, the popular, Python-based web framework, has released version 1.3 after a year of development. This version includes support for class-based views, support for Python's logging facilities, improved management of static (media) content, and improvements to the unittest framework, which makes use of Python's new improvements to unittest. A summary of the new features can be read from the release notes.

Submission + - Python 3.2 released (python.org)

digitalderbs writes: Python 3.2 was released on Feb 20th 2011 with many new improvements. New features include many useful updates to the unittest module, a stable ABI for extensions, pyc repository directories, improvements to the email and ssl modules and many others. This also marks the first release in the 3000-series that is no longer backported to the 2.0-series.

Submission + - Where has the quality gone?

digitalderbs writes: A recent Ask Slashdot examined the importance of testing in software. A number of comments discussed the cost-benefits of testing, and whether it would save a company money in the long run. This made me think of quality assurance and testing in consumer products in general. In the last months, and after this Christmas, I've bought or received nearly a dozen things that have come to me broken, faulty, or have become unusable after a short time. Is the return rate of products and the expectation of quality so low that QA is no longer done on the products we buy? What's your experience?

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