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Submission + - Enderle claims that Microsoft Loves GPL 3.0 (

walterbyrd writes: "As usual, Enderle does not support any of his assertions. GPLv3 will prevent interoperability because . . . well, because it just will. We are supposed to believe it because, after all, he is Enderle. In spite of the fact that Enderle does not support his assertions, I suspect there is some basis in what he is saying. Don't get me wrong — I'm certain that Enderle is spinning the living crap out of it. But, I suspect there may be just a tiny bit of truth in there. Am I wrong?"

Submission + - Security flaws found in Safari on Windows (

Spamicles writes: A whole host of different security vulnerabilities and flaws for Apple 's Safari browser are popping up all over the net. Three different sources are reporting on potential problems with the recently released Safari web browser which is currently in its public beta.

Submission + - VMware Workstation 6 packs enough to trounce compe (

joerandom writes: VMware released Workstation 6 last month with several new features. Along with a polished interface, Desktop virtualization users get support for their USB 2.0 devices, copy-pasting text and files with guest OSes, and more. Developers can test their apps in the VMs from their IDEs and can also record and analyze a VM's characteristics to understand why an app crashed, or run the VM in the background using inbuilt VNC capability. And once the experimental features, like Direct3D, get into the mainstream version, it'll challenge specialized apps like Cedega. As per this review Workstation 6.0 easily outshines competition.

Submission + - Actually, Leopard will have ZFS says Apple

Angostura writes: An Apple spokesperson has contacted InformationWeek to clarify the statement by an official that ZFS wouldn't be included within Leopard according to a comment to the original story posted by West Coast Editor Michael Singer. The official was meant to say that " ZFS would be available as a limited option, but not as the default file system." The site is preparing a follow-up story with more details.

Submission + - MS Issues 'Critical' Vista, IE 7 Security Patches (

Free Stem Cells writes: This month's batch of patches from Microsoft includes six bulletins covering at least 15 vulnerabilities, including several critical code execution holes in Windows Vista and Internet Explorer 7. The most serious is a cumulative Internet Explorer update (MS07-033) that affects all versions of the dominant browser — IE 5.01 on Windows 2000 through IE 7 on Windows Vista.
The Internet

Wikipedia May Require Proof of Credentials 317

narramissic writes "According to Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, a new policy is currently under discussion by the community of users who regularly write and maintain Wikipedia that would require contributors to the site who claim certain credentials to prove they really have them. The new policy comes after one of Wikipedia's most prolific and respected editors, who went by the pseudonym 'Essjay,' was found not to be the 'tenured professor of theology' he claimed to be but a run-of-the-mill 24 year-old from Kentucky. Said Wales, 'To discover that someone had been deceiving the community for a long time really was a bit of a blow to our trust. Wikipedia is built on the idea of trusting other people and people being honest and we find that in the most part everyone is, so it was a real disappointment.'"
Wireless Networking

Submission + - Adding Wireless to an Existing Network

illeism writes: Hey /. — I know some of you out there are using wireless for your businesses. Well, I've been tasked with adding wireless access to our existing network. My question to you is: Who did you pick for your wireless and why? Things I'm concerned about include, security, ease of management, having an "inside" and "outside" way to connect so that vendors can come in and get an internet connection without having to put them in the network but still keep it locked down enough to stop the next door neighbor from just jumping on. This is going to be a relatively small deployment, so I don't need a enterprise sized solution. I'm sure there are other things that I should be considering, so, I ask /., what do you think?

Submission + - Supercomputing Cluster Built with PS3s

Saket writes: "The Sony Playstation 3, Xbox and Nintendo Wii have captivated a generation of computer gamers with bold graphics and rapid-fire animation. But these high-tech toys can do a lot more than just play games. At North Carolina State University, Dr. Frank Mueller imagined using the power of the new PS3 to create a high-powered computing environment for a fraction of the cost of the supercomputers on the market. Mueller, an associate professor of computer science, has built a supercomputing cluster capable of both high-performance computing and running the latest in computer gaming. His cluster of eight PS3 machines — the first such academic cluster in the world — packs the power of a small supercomputer, but at a total cost of about $5,000, it costs less than some desktop computers that have only a fraction of the computing power."

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