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Comment /. is an offender... (Score 1) 489

On iOS, Slashdot doesn't let me resize /. to a comfortable size. They made a decision that actually being able to read the ant-sized writing was less important than having rabid control of the layout.

As the user base ages (We're not all in our teens and 20s any more, and I suspect the majority of /.ers are in our 40s) being able to resize the font matters.

Comment Not relevant to today, alas. (Score 2) 190

This study used a dataset of 1968-1973. At that time, processing techniques created a lot of trans fats in making the replacement products. Those trans fats have their own effect. Processes have now been changed, so that data set doesn't relate to what would happen with today's use of those same foods.

That said, you can pry my Kerrygold butter from my pudgy, pasty hands!

Comment Re:I already posted this on another site.... (Score 1) 1092

I won't bother to read the rest of your posting, since you did not read mine.

I said "nearly $10/hour over minimum wage". Federal minimum wage is currently $7.25/hour. That places her at *nearly* $10 + $7.25 /hour total, or *nearly * $17.25/hour. The actual amount if she took the job listed on would be $17/hour. Which is *nearly* $17.25/hour.

You will notice that $17/hour * 40 hours/week * 52 week/year is precisely the figure I quoted.

Ironic, since you apparently didn't read the original letter. The writer's take home pay is $8.15/hr. Your assumption of her getting what they are currently offering is flawed - she has outright stated she's not getting that. She's actually getting the city's minimum wage of $12.25/hr gross.

Comment Re:Sounds like an excuse. (Score 1) 108

...and while you're at it close all the museums, and those public spaces. They're kind of wasteful too. Education is just an intellectual pissing contest, so maybe we should close all the schools and colleges! Imagine all the money we'd save! Within a generation or two we wouldn't even be aware of the history and culture we've sacrificed.

Or, we could just put that sucker in a traveling museum and let lots of people get interested and excited about space again.

Comment Pah! (Score 1) 172

If the barrier for what constitutes "transformative" is set very low, it's only reasonable for the courts to set the bar on what is considered "derivative" very high. If he has protection for transforming her own work then she should have similar protection for deriving from her own work. As soon as he does something transformative, it becomes obvious.

Comment Re:People with artificial lenses can already see U (Score 5, Interesting) 137

During WWII this was used to advantage by the British. They would use UV lights to flash signals then have somebody at each location who had their lens removed due to cataracts and who could see the UV, which was completely invisible to the healthy Germans that had passed the German medical. This way, they could invisibly pass messages ship to shore and vice versa.

Comment Re:Huh? (Score 1) 268

Gnome's trademark includes software services involving databases and spreadsheets. How does a point of sale system work if it doesn't have some kind of database or spreadsheet to track sales, stock, etc? Further, Gnome's trademark covers software consulting. Are you suggesting Groupon would not consult with buyers of their PoS about configuration, ideal settings, etc?

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