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Your Rights Online

Submission + - TSA lawlessly snubs federal court ruling for 1 year! Interview with Jim Harper (networkworld.com)

angel.wardriver writes: While the TSA has continues to beat up our 4th amendment rights, it has ignored a federal court ruling for a year, pleading poverty. Funny how the TSA still had funds to continually dump money into other projects though. Please sign the petition ordering the TSA to follow the law! Here's an interview with Jim Harper who started the petition.

Submission + - ODROID-X is like a quad-core Raspberry Pi for $129 (geek.com) 1

An anonymous reader writes: So you’re intrigued by the $35 Raspberry Pi, but just don’t feel like its 700MHz processor will be able to handle your DIY computing needs? Korean company hardkernel has a slightly beefier option for you: the ODROID-X developer board.

The ODROID features a smokin’ fast Samsung Exynos 4412 processor clocked at 1.4GHz — and it also happens to pack four cores. It’s safe to assume that the Cortex-A9-based 4412 is a substantial upgrade over the Pi’s ARM11 chip. And with a Mali-400 GPU on board (like the Samsung Galaxy S3), the ODROID offers plenty of extra multimedia muscle, too. It’s also got four times as much memory (1GB vs. 256MB) and a whole slew of connectivity options. There are six USB 2.0 ports, Ethernet jack, audio in and out, an SD card reader, and a micro HDMI output. The ODROID (which measures 90 x 94mm) is about twice as wide as the Raspberry Pi, but that’s understandable. All those extra connectors take up space.

As for operating system compatibility? It ships with Android but will happily boot up Linux, too.


Submission + - The Linux security stick you give to your clueless friends (betanews.com) 3

An anonymous reader writes: With slick marketing, a great sense of humor, and a practical, useful product idea, Texas startup Jumpshot launched its initial public funding round on Kickstarter this week. The long and short of Jumpshot is that it's a USB stick that removes bloatware, adware, spyware, and malware in a package that toddlers and grannies alike would be able to use. When Jumpshot is cleaning the system in the background, the user can stay connected and browse the Web in a Linux-based sandbox.

Submission + - Supreme Court strikes down copyright fees on music, video (ctvnews.ca)

An anonymous reader writes: Quick submission for all us Canadian's, looks like the Supreme court finally decided to rule on various copyright issues. No more fees to "preview" a song. Another of these rule changes could save our schools a lot of money. No more fee's required to photocopy material for students.

Submission + - TIME dotCom and Facebook Invest In Massive Undersea Internet Cable Project (hothardware.com)

MojoKid writes: "This week, TIME dotCom (out of Malaysia) has entered into a construction and maintenance agreement of the Asia Pacific Gateway (APG) submarine cable system connecting Malaysia to Korea and Japan. The APG is a 10,000 km international fibre optic cable system that will link Malaysia to Korea and Japan with seven branches to other Asian countries. The cable system is scheduled to be ready in quarter three of 2014. TIME is leading up the process, but Facebook as well as a few others are joining in by combining $450 million to the cause."
Open Source

Submission + - Space lets you write code together, in real-time, from your browser. (chaoscollective.org) 1

akumpf writes: "Space is a real-time, collaborative code editor built by the Chaos Collective that hopes to change the way people build things on the web.

Space lets you do all of your programming directly in the browser, with all of your friends, in real time. Since it's built on top of NodeJS, it handles tons of users, includes integrated chat, multi-project status, parallel file support, and full output logs.

Space runs on top of Ace (an awesome online code editor), but extends it greatly to include realtime collaboration and all the practical things you need to really build awesome things on the web. Of course, there's also some other bells and whistles to make it fun, like a simultaneous jukebox and a place to add future project ideas.

We built space to keep up with our teams own agile development needs, and now are looking to the community to see if we should work to make it open source (and super stable), or if users are more interested in it being a platform that can quickly use without any setup for their own projects.

See the these URL for a place to vote, full video explanation, and more details.


Submission + - Raspberry Pi Model A makes first appearance (geek.com)

An anonymous reader writes: It’s easy to forget that the Raspberry Pi currently shipping is the more expensive model of the board. It is actually called the Model B as it sports more features than the $25 Model A.

The main differences include a lack of an Ethernet port and the associated networking chip as well as there only being one USB port instead of two. There was originally going to be less memory on the Model A (128MB instead of 256MB), but the Raspberry Pi Foundation managed to make enough cost savings during a redesign to increase the amount to 256MB on the cheaper version.

With all the focus being on the Model B, we haven’t actually seen the (near) final Model A board yet. But that changes today as Eben Upton has just shown off the $25 board.


Submission + - IT salaries and hiring are up - but just to 2008 levels (infoworld.com)

tsamsoniw writes: "A mid-year salary survey has a mix of good and bad news for IT professionals: The good news, hiring is slowly increasing as companies bring more IT operations back in house and salaries are creeping up a bit. But compensation (including benefits) are just now reaching 2008 levels — and hiring will remain soft, at least until the presidential election is over."

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