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Comment Re:First uncensored post (Score 1) 392

I'm curious, are there any companies you refuse to buy from or do business with because of their business practices or who they deal with, despite it all being legal? This is effectively the same thing, it just happens to be a government rather than individuals. There is no fine, they're not blocked from dealing with anyone else in the US, there's no other punitive action, they're just saying "We don't like that you're doing this, so until you stop, you don't get any of our money." It's no different than any other consumer boycott except for the scale.

Comment Re:It's not about shipping Linux pre-installed (Score 1) 229

With the first Eees, the problem was mainly that most distros didn't care to support it. I ran Mandriva 2008.1 on my 701 with absolutely no problems. My 1000HA runs Mandriva 2009. Mandriva were really the only Linux vendor at the time that saw netbooks as something worth including support for in the basic distro rather than trying to get OEM contracts for a customised distro with an "easy mode" UI.

Comment Re:Offer the Ebook for free. (Score 1) 987

That would fall under the "cannot afford it" argument. Textbook prices are ridiculous. I wonder if this would be such a big problem if you could afford to buy the textbooks and beer? Because if I had to choose, I know what I'd pick, and if my college experience is any indication, it's a much bigger help in getting through classes.

Comment Re:Not like it's going to make a difference (Score 2) 390

I just don't see why it's so hard to just say Catholic when speaking of matters pertaining the general Catholic Belief, and Christian when referencing protestants.

Because, with the exception of some of the more idiotic Protestant groups, Catholics are considered Christians. The term basically means people who follow Christ. The group you were raised with might disagree, but that doesn't make them right. Instead of saying "Christian" to only mean Protestants, why wouldn't anyone just say "Protestant"? Christian is the catch-all for all of the followers of Christ, including Catholics and members of the Eastern Orthodox church. Christianity didn't begin with the Reformation, regardless of how uncomfortable that thought makes you.

Comment Re:Driving is much better... (Score 1) 1137

My bike is a BMX, so thanks to its smaller wheel size, it's perfectly legal to ride on the sidewalk. Also, safe, since nobody walks around here anyway. My commute at my last job was probably around 15km, and I'd see maybe 5 pedestrians the whole ride. As long as you watched for turning cars at intersections, it was perfectly safe.

This is probably different in a more densely populated city, but it's been my experience that in most places in the western part of the continent, people are so lazy that they will drive two blocks to the nearest 7-eleven rather than walk, so you're probably ok to ride on the sidewalk.

Comment Re:Driving is much better... (Score 1) 1137

I used to be sceptical of cyclists who said stuff like that until I started riding everywhere myself. My old job was a 20 minute drive, assuming traffic was good, but by bike it was only 30 minutes. My job before that was a 45 minute drive, again, assuming decent traffic, and only 60 by bike. Obviously, a bicycle isn't going to beat a car on a highway drive between two cities, for example, but given how much time you spend in the city just sitting in traffic going nowhere, it is surprisingly competitive. And I found I was in a better mood when I got to work because my commute wasn't spent sitting behind someone at a green light screaming obscenities because they forgot that green means go. That alone made it worthwhile.

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