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Submission + - Curiosity spots another shiny object on Mars (universetoday.com)

derGoldstein writes: "universetoday.com reports: "...the rover has imaged a small metallic-looking protuberance on a rock... the protuberance appears to have a high albedo and even projects a shadow on the rock below". The article features several images of the object, including one that uses an image from the left Mastcam to create an anaglyph. The geometry of the object is really unusual, as it pokes out of the ground and tilts a bit, showing that the entire thing is reflective. It's very small, though, only about 0.5 cm tall."

Submission + - Coronal mass ejection hits Mars (discovery.com)

derGoldstein writes: Discovery has an article up about the coronal mass ejection that just his Mars: "Unlike the coronal mass ejection (CME) that struck [earth] on Monday, Saturday's CME was sent in a different direction — toward the Red Planet. ... However, its impact on Mars will be very different than a CME's impact on Earth." Included is an animation of the predicted solar system path of the Mars-directed CME.

Submission + - Trickle of salt water -- on Mars (discovery.com)

derGoldstein writes: From Discovery: "Summertime on Mars is bringing water to the planet's surface, suggest NASA scientists who on Wednesday unveiled pictures of slender carvings in the sun-facing sides of crater walls on Mars that are believed to be etched by flowing briny water. ... Salts also would suppress the water's freezing point, making it plausible that the dark, finger-like features were carved by liquid. The streaks range from 0.5 yards to 5 yards wide and stretch hundreds of feet, far smaller than previously detected gullies. "

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