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Submission + - What might be alive inside your navel (

derGoldstein writes: Nerds are usually considered to be navel-gazing, which makes this story from Discovery pertinent: "If you're an innie and not an outie, your belly button is home to at least 60 to 100 or more species of bacteria, fungi and yeasts, according to new research ... Although we find about 60 or 70 species on the average person, we have found more than 1400 species overall, such that differences among individuals are great". So you should probably stop picking your belly button.

Submission + - Get your own action figure - in Japan (

derGoldstein writes: Makezine points to a very interesting shop in Akihabara that will make miniature clones of your face. This page contains photos of the process and the results. After the miniature head is printed in 3D it's painted and attached to a doll of your choice. Some of the models they produce beg for an exorcism...

Submission + - Jet-Powered ATV (

derGoldstein writes: "PopSci photographer John Carnett stripped a Polaris RZR and rebuilt it with a mishmash of parts—and a powerful jet engine". The project took 10 months and $15,000. "Topping out at just over 60 mph, it isn’t much faster than a stock RZR, but the Whirl’s gas turbine reaches maximum power in seconds and stays at that level all the time, so it can get up to its top speed almost instantly even from a dead stop".

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