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Submission + - Woman sues Best Buy $54M for missing Laptop 6

mikesd81 writes: "Endgadget has a blurb about a woman named Raelyn Campbell who's had enough with Best Buy. She's opening up a big can of America Sauce on the retailer in the form of a $54m lawsuit after it lost her laptop during warranty service. Campbell says she bought a laptop and $300 extended warranty from Best Buy in 2006, and took the machine in for service when the power switch broke last May. After getting a run around, she learned the laptop was missing. Best Buy offered for losing a $1,100 machine with all her data on it was a $900 gift card. After learning about potential identity theft, Campbell filed the multi-million dollar law suit. She admits, however, she doesn't expect that much money. She only sued for that much money to gain attention of the media."

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