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Submission + - France celebrates first gay marriage amid tight security Read the full article (

An anonymous reader writes: At 5.30pm in the southern French city of Montpellier, which describes itself as France's most gay-friendly place, Vincent Autin and Bruno Boileau became the first same-sex couple to marry in France after months of divisive national wrangling, numerous street demonstrations, 172 hours of heated parliamentary debate, and a warning of a 30% rise in homophobic acts.


Submission + - Climate Change Propelled Ancient Human Cultural Innovation (

An anonymous reader writes: It turns out that climate change was good for humans in the past. Scientists have discovered that rapid climate change that occurred almost 80,000 years ago sparked surges in cultural innovation that possibly helped propel early modern humans into a more advanced society.

In order to study the ancient climate of the past, researchers examined a marine sediment core off of the coast of South Africa. Cores are extremely useful when looking at past temperatures; over the years, layers of sediment are laid down with the passing seasons. When scientists core an area, they're essentially taking a several centuries-long sample of the climate of that region. By looking at the different layers, they can then reconstruct the past.


Submission + - New Jersey Police Shot, 3 Officers Wounded and Gunman Dead (

delishfruit writes: According to police reports, the gunman, who remains unnamed, grabbed a gun from a police officer while he was being processed for a domestic incident and started shooting sporadically. The gunman was supposedly killed in this encounter as was confirmed by Gloucester Police Chief W. Harry Earle said, according to the NBC10 report. However, Gloucester Township police have declined to confirm his statement.

Gloucester is a town in central New Jersey and is about 16 miles outside of Philadelphia.

This is second shooting in a matter of a week. Earlier this week, William Spengler ambushed four firefighters, killing two of them.

The shooting is one of the numerous shootings that occurred in 2012, beginning with the Aurora Colorado movie theater massacre, carried out by suspect James Egan Holmes to the most recent Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Connecticut at the hands of Adam Lanza, who killed 27 people of which 20 were children of ages six and seven.


Submission + - Swedish Mother Used Christmas Gift to Murder Partner as he Slept (

delishfruit writes: A woman used a Christmas present to murder her partner in a frenzied attack, stabbing him 30 times.

Jeanette Javell, 42, used a fillet knife, which was a gift to her from her boss, to kill Ingemar Wallin, 49, while he lay in bed.

After being arrested, Javell wrote a letter of thanks to her former boss, saying: "Thank you for the Christmas gift by the way — it worked!"


Submission + - Chronic Alcohol and Marijuana Use During Youth Can Compromise White-Matter Integ (

delishfruit writes: Chronic use of alcohol and marijuana during youth is associated with poorer neural structure, function, and metabolism, as well as worsened neurocognitive abilities into later adolescence and adulthood. This may be due to biological and psychosocial transitions occurring during adolescence that impart increased vulnerability to neurotoxic influences. A study of longitudinal changes in fiber tract integrity associated with adolescent alcohol and marijuana use during 1.5 years supports previous findings of reduced white-matter integrity in these youth.

Submission + - FDA Closer to Approving Biotech Salmon, Critics Furious (

delishfruit writes: A controversial genetically engineered salmon has moved a step closer to the consumer's dining table after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration said Friday the fish didn't appear likely to pose a threat to the environment or to humans who eat it.
  AquAdvantage salmon eggs would produce fish with the potential to grow to market size in half the time of conventional salmon. If it gets a final go-ahead, it would be the first food from a transgenic animal — one whose genome has been altered — to be approved by the FDA.



Submission + - Hair Color May Predict Future Health (

delishfruit writes: "Your hair color may predict your future health, according to findings from a new study.

Researchers studying wild boars found that the animals with gray hair actually lived longer and led a healthier life.

However, the latest findings are more ominous for redheads. Researchers from Spain's Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales found that boars with more reddish hair tended to have more cell damage compared to gray boars."


Submission + - Israel's Netanyahu Sees No Evidence Iran Will Give Up Nuclear Program (

delishfruit writes: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has again expressed his skepticism about the impact of economic sanctions and diplomacy in stopping Iran from developing its nuclear power program.

Speaking in Prague, Czech Republic on Friday, Netanyahu equated Iran’s atomic ambitions to those of North Korea and added that the imminent negotiations between world powers (the five permanent members of the UN Security Council and Germany) and Iran in Baghdad may be fruitless.


Submission + - Young Americans Are Ditching Cigarettes ( 1

delishfruit writes: "More and more youths are beginning to think that “smokers are jokers.” A new report highlights a decrease in the number of young American smokers.

Smoking rates for American adolescents and young adults fell between 2004 and 2010 from daily smokers to heavy smokers, but the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services believe that there are still too many young smokers. Continued public health policies against smoking may help continue this positive trend in America."

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