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Submission + - Megasolar in The Developing World (

An anonymous reader writes: It’s ironic that the three biggest solar installations in the world are in Canada, Italy and Germany, all developed nations that receive limited solar energy. Meanwhile, solar has been slow to catch on in countries where the sun’s energy is strongest. These mega-installations should turn that trend around by the end of the decade, if not sooner.

Submission + - science programs on television

doperative writes: science programs on television Jim Al-Khalili v Brian Cox:

I find Jim Al-Khalili presentation a lot clearer and more interesting that Brian Cox. Brian dumbs it down so much there's nothing left. For instance to illustrate black holes he stands next to a waterfall and says once the flow of current is faster than you can swim then you inevitably go over, well I never. Science programs with no real science designed for people who don't like science programs ..

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