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Comment RAM Usage (Score 3, Insightful) 218

I know it's now cool to backlash against chrome users when they talk about "memory usage" but they're simply just using the wrong phrase. YES chrome uses more actual bytes of memory and always has, but what it does with that memory makes it work so much faster than Firefox. Typical idiot vernacular causes you to say "firefox uses more memory" when in fact what they mean is "it is slower and less responsive."

Let's get a grip here people, it's 2012. If your computer doesn't have 4-8 gigs of ddr3 ram, you're doing it wrong. Chrome is allowed to use as much memory as it wants as long as it gets the job done better than anyone else.

Comment Why do you even need it? (Score 1) 266

There is nothing worse than seeing another drooling, gps-addled half-wit darting back over the danger zone of an exit and nearly causing an accident. I honestly think they should be banned completely. I've found that merely studying my google maps for any destination and having a basic concept of direction (all of 5 minutes of work) are far more useful. And since one more megabyte of your internal brain-ram is now free from glancing nervously at the little glowing rectangle stuck to your windshield, you are more free to actually notice that hole-in-the-wall Indian place you wanted to try.

Comment Actually (Score 1) 270

I'd say the reverse is more true. The more you post online the more accurately you paint your alibi. If you've got a constant stream of "I just walked into this bar!" and "the bartender gave me her number!" and "I just had sex with her!" it's then easy to find witnesses and prove you didn't stab that hooker last night.

Comment Re:Franken 2012! (Score 3, Insightful) 427

This makes no sense and is the very core of the problem with our current political system. If Al Franken shares your views on big issues and also holds a seat in congress, then you should support Al Franken. If he does not share you views, then kick him out. Supporting a corrupt, incestuous oligarchy is EXACTLY THE FUCKING PROBLEM WITH THE COUNTRY RIGHT NOW. Who gives a shit if the man was born to be a politician or if he was born to be a comedian? If he's right, then he's right.

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