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Hardware Hacking

Submission + - Fountain pens are eco-friendly (

death metal black metal writes: "Fountain pens are less wasteful and more fun to write with. If you buy one of the low-end but highly functional fountain pens mentioned here, and use it with bottled ink for a year, you will have avoided throwing out any number of plastic and metal disposable ballpoints, or ballpoint refills. The ink you are using is of a chemically simpler nature, and requires less industrial mess in its production."


Submission + - Old School Death Metal and Black Metal Search (

death metal black metal writes: "The Old School Death Metal and Black Metal Search Engine indexes the subset of the internet that thinks like old school underground metal. We uphold the spirit of this music by keeping its stance of walking apart from society and not attempting to become more like normal music or think like normals.

Death Metal and Black Metal Search Engine at

If you would like to suggest a site, please do so here:

Submit a Site

For more information about old school death metal and black metal, read here:

Old School Death Metal and Black Metal Archive


Submission + - Economic censorship blocks adult-rated games (

death metal black metal writes: "Sometime this year you might be putting a disc labeled Manhunt 2 into your Wii or PlayStation 2, but it won't be the game the creators originally intended.

The developer, Rockstar Games, was forced to slam on the brakes when the Entertainment Software Ratings Board, or ESRB, gave Manhunt 2 a rating of Adults Only, or AO.

Neither Sony nor Nintendo allow AO-rated titles to be released on their hardware, and most major retailers refuse to stock the games. As a result, creators whose games get an adult rating usually trim back the content or decline to release the product. 7/08/esrb"

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