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Submission + - New Lenovo x220 laptops are shipping with defects (

An anonymous reader writes: Users of recently produced Lenovo x220 notebooks and x220 tablets are finding defects with their mSATA interfaces, preventing them from running an mSATA SDD + 2.5" HDD for the 'speed + storage' sweet spot. The stock laptops do not offer an mSATA drive, so this issues is popping up with users putting in Intel/Renice/MyDigitalSSD third party drives — however all laptops are likely affected, whether the owners know it or not. The issue is not related to bios updates and may need a hardware fix. Ouch.

Submission + - Samsung Keylogger Stories a False Alarm (

Trailrunner7 writes: The panic that arose yesterday about Samsung allegedly shipping laptops that contained a pre-installed keylogger turns out to have been a complete mistake after further investigation by security researchers and the company itself. In fact, the controversy was the result of a false positive from one commercial antimalware suite and nothing else.

Several outlets reported on Wednesday that Samsung laptops had been found to contain a keylogger known as StarLogger right out of the box from the factory. However, upon closer inspection by security companies, the folder on the laptops that supposedly contained the malware was actually a directory that is part of Windows' multi-language support.


Submission + - Japan Suspends Efforts to Prevent Nuclear Meltdown 1

Hugh Pickens writes writes: "The Christian Science Monitor reports that Japan has suspended efforts to prevent damaged reactors from melting down at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant as a surge in radiation has made it too dangerous for workers to operate. "The workers cannot carry out even minimal work at the plant now," says chief government spokesman Yuko Edano, referring to workers who had been dousing the reactors with seawater in a frantic effort to cool down their rising temperatures. "Because of the radiation risk, we are on standby.""

Submission + - Linux 2.6.38 Released (

darthcamaro writes: The new Linux 2.6.38 kernel is now out and it's got a long list of performance improvements that should make Linux a whole lot faster. The kernel includes support for Transparent Huge Pages, Transmit Packet Steering (XPS),a utomatic process grouping, and a new RCU (Read/Copy/Update)-based path name lookup.

"This patch series was both controversial and experimental when it went in, but we're very hopeful of seeing speedups," James Bottomley, distinguished engineer at Novell said. "Just to set expectations correctly, the dcache/path lookup improvements really only impact workloads with large metadata modifications, so the big iron workloads (like databases) will likely see no change. However, stuff that critically involves metadata, like running a mail server (the postmark benchmark) should improve quite a bit."

Linux Business

Submission + - My Experience today at the Obama Campaign Office

hoffmanjon writes: I went down to my local Obama Campaign office today to see about getting a yard sign, bumper stickers and to see what I could do to volunteer (yes me volunteering for a political cause, never thought that would happen). I told them I not interested in door to door knocking or phone calling for personal reasons and then told them I do Computer Programming and System Administration for a living (that got some people excited). They brought me back to talk with one of the field organizers who brought be back to a room that had a number of computer in it. He said they had a number of hardware "guys" but no one that could do the software side and asked if I could install operating systems on these computers so they could use them. I told them I would be glad to do that. Now here comes the good part, he told me that they would prefer to have Linux with open office, skype and Firefox installed and ask me if I knew anything about Linux (if you do not know, I am a hugh Linux and Open Source advocate). I told him I have worked with Linux/Unix for over nine years and more familiar with Linux then probably any other operating system. I had known that the Obama Campaign used Linux for their Web Pages but I did not know that they preferred it in their local campaign offices as well. That means they will be showing/teaching their volunteers how to use Linux and Open Office. I am now an even bigger supporter of Obama knowing that he (and his campaign) use Open Source software, this means he will carry that philosphy into the White House and be more likely to support Open Source and Open Standards rather then proprietary software. I was just excited to hear that the Obama Campaign supported Open Source software and wanted to share my experience.
Portables (Apple)

Submission + - iPhone software unlocker prepares for release

Anonymous Coward writes: " is preparing to release the first ever total software driven unlocking service for the Apple iPhone. Their software is reportedly complete and they are openly accepting invitations from the media to have their iPhones unlocked for free in order to silence any possible doubters. Hopefully Slashdot will let us know just how well it works."

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