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Comment Re:big businesses asking for special favors (Score 1) 284

ISPs do not provide a "free market". Many people only have a single option, and the ISPs are taking huge advantages because they're able to act in monopolistic ways. That's not a free market. Want to see a free market?...look at how competition has been heating up in the cellphone service provider market.

Comment Re:Breaking News (Score 1) 284

Your failure to understand that the vast majority of the nation has 1-3 ISP options, which makes them virtual monopolies. It's not basic capitalism when there's no competition. You could have made that argument back in the days of dial up, but not today. Monopolistic behavior needs to be regulated. We've let way too many top level mergers occur, and we're ending up with only one choice (if you could call it a choice).

Comment Re:But but, it'sâ a Republican idea! (Score 1) 284

While it's certainly been building up over time, I'd argue that the polarization really kicked in with identity politics. When you start stereotyping (alienating) people into categories, you end up with nothing but hard liners. You even see it within the parties because if you're not towing the party line, you're a "RINO" or some such bullshit. I don't need a party to tell me what to think. This crap needs to stop, the name calling needs to stop, or I'm afraid to speculate where this will all end up. If you're unable to speak in a calm, polite, manner to those you disagree with, you're part of the problem.

Comment Re:Why the fuck would he care? (Score 1) 284

I've been working on computers since most of /. was a gleam in their daddies what.

Where you're going wrong in this way of thinking is that it's not a free market when you're dealing with a virtual monopoly. Back in the 90s it mostly was still, but not when you're down to just one or two options for service. Monopolies need to be well regulated...period. When they no longer have to compete, they simply find new ways to jack up your costs. And I'm saying that as a life-long fiscal conservative.

Comment Re: Why the fuck would he care? (Score 1) 284

It's great that you'd like to be altruistic, and hopefully others will be as well, consider it good karma, or just the right thing to do.. However, it's not up to you to decide what others should do with their hard earned money. If they want to blow it on hookers, drugs, and fast cars, that's their prerogative, they earned's part of the incentive to do that hard work. Take that incentive away, and you'll end up with the vast majority doing the minimum to get by...there are plenty of examples of that.

FWIW, my spouse and I are in the 2%, and soon to be retiring after 40+ yrs of work. While I plan to do some volunteer work, and continue my charitable donations, as well as support a mother & mother-in-law who'd be destitute w/o us. I also plan to use a lot of it to just enjoy what time we have left...we earned it (not directed at parent...please don't start with the daddy gave you crap...I grew up poor and inherited nothing.).

Comment Re:Do Software Engineers Need to Register? (Score 1) 726

Where is it written that you have to have a degree to be an engineer? Yes, I know that's the typical requirement for most HRs, but I've also know people w/o degrees who knew much more about software engineering than those with them. My point here is that your requirement is not universally recognized...I know my own company will accept 2 yrs of experience as equal to a year of college, and grant a new hire the engineer title. I personally joined them with a 2 yr degree (I've since completed the four), and 4+ yrs of experience and was titled as an engineer 35+ years ago.

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