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Comment Lost Money Owning a Casino (Score 1) 401

"Nevada casinos post fifth straight fiscal year net loss" --

"Las Vegas casinos are losing big in China" --

"Pay No Attention to Money-Losing Casinos. Let’s Build More Casinos" --

Comment Re:Harness economic self interest (Score 1) 502

Wouldn't that strategy play directly into the "it's a money grab conspiracy" argument? Other fields of scientific research -- paleontology, astronomy, etc. -- don't have to sell themselves with economic windfall arguments.

At some point, the economic strategy of limitless growth simply must come to an end. This seems the mostly likely phenomenon on which it breaks.

Comment Re:Please, No Exponential Algorithms! (Score 1) 218

This is pretty rare for an administration to permit that these days. In the last few years, we've crossed an important threshold where non-teaching administrators rather blatantly run higher education and teachers do not. For example, at CUNY we had a 92% faculty no-confidence vote in the watered-down "Pathways" general-education demands from administration, but they refused to alter the dictate. Deans can override grades. These being the people who care about money and enrollments (watch for the code word: "retention") over and above any kind of tough standards.

Comment STEM Education (Score 1) 635

"Invest in and increase STEM education..."

Here's how the political emphasis on increasing STEM graduates is working out at my institution:

- Create a mickey-mouse "quantitative reasoning" class with no algebra content and give college credit for that.
- Remove basic algebra as a general-education requirement, since no more than about 25% of the students can pass it (no matter how many times they take it, how many different instructors teach it, or how easy they make the tests).
- Slash all the higher-level courses out of all the STEM associate's degrees (probably linear algebra, differential equations, calculus III, organic chemistry, etc.), because people should be given credit for math prerequisites like basic algebra, precalculus, trigonometry, etc. instead.

This being the culmination of the CUNY Decade of Science.

Comment Re: Waaah! (Score 1) 600

Did you know that certain religions are closely related to certain ethnicities? And that these prejudices have long been considered racism? Like when folks such as the KKK (or certain other people) are anti-Jewish, and these are historically considered "racist" organizations. Here's a passage from the UN resolution on "Measures to combat contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance" (1999):

17. Urges all Governments to cooperate fully with the Special Rapporteur with a view to enabling him to fulfil his mandate, including the examination of incidents of contemporary forms of racism and racial discrimination, inter alia, against blacks, Arabs and Muslims, xenophobia, Negrophobia, anti-Semitism and related intolerance;

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