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Submission + - Dell begins selling Inspiron Mini 9 (

mocoloco writes: A week after the rumored date, dell has begun selling their entry into the netbook/subnotebook/UMPC market, the Inspiron Mini 9. The base system for $349 includes Ubuntu 8.04 "with custom Dell interface", 512MB RAM, and a 4GB SSD. There are options with XP, one that includes an 8GB drive and a $40 instant savings, another with a 16GB drive and 1GB RAM that has a $55 instant savings. Curiously the Ubuntu systems are a pre-order at this point, to be shipped within 15 days. Also no red option yet.
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Submission + - WWII sabotage manual advocates modern management (

niteice writes: "A recently declassified US Strategic Services sabotage manual from 1944 gives techniques on how to covertly sabotage business from within in an enemy-occupied area. Some suggestions:

Insist on doing everything through "channels." Never permit short-cuts to be taken in order to expedite decisions. ... Bring up irrelevant issues as frequently as possible. Haggle over precise wordings of communications, minutes, resolutions. ... Be worried about the propriety of any decision — raise the question of whether such action as is contemplated lies within the jurisdiction of the group or whether it might conflict with the policy of some higher echelon.

If this sounds like modern management techniques, you're right. It reads as if someone replaced "sabotage" with "business" and gave it to your boss. Direct PDF link (2.2mb)."


Submission + - Ten key science questions for the 21st century ( 1

TaeKwonDood writes: "If we're going to find the answers to the pressing issues of the 21st century, we'd better make sure we are asking the right questions. Climate change, predicting earthquakes and even how life began are topics that should be aggressively pursued, and will likely be solved, this century. Here, in no particular order, are the ten key science issues of the 21st century."
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Submission + - Data Center Energy Use Worse Than We Thought (

1sockchuck writes: "Energy use among the top tier of data centers soared in 2006-2007, rising at a 24 percent annual growth rate, according to new data from the Uptime Institute. That growth rate exceeds projections from last year's EPA report on data center energy use, and marks an "abrupt change" from earlier trends, according to the institute, which is know for developing the tier system for data center reliability. Energy trends diverge according to the size of data centers, with smaller facilities showing little energy growth, while larger enterprise data centers had unprecedented increases in power consumption. "What this means is that data center electric consumption is the fastest growing sector in the U.S. economy," said Uptime's Ken Brill."

Submission + - Bill Gates to press US for immigration, education (

GeneralPayne writes: As if outsourcing isn't bad enough, Good Ol' Bill is going to Washington. Bill Gates is coming back to Capitol Hill with the same wish list he's had for years: more visas for highly skilled workers, more math, science and engineering in schools and more money for technology investment.

Submission + - India's TATA backs air-powered car. (

vivin writes: "BBC reports "An engineer has promised that within a year he will start selling a car in India that runs on compressed air, producing no emissions at all in towns. The OneCAT will be a five-seater with a glass fibre body, weighing just 350kg and could cost just over £2,500. The project is being backed by the Indian conglomerate, Tata for an undisclosed sum. It says the technology may also be used for power generation." TATA is the maker of the Nano (Slashdot covered the unveiling of the car, last month). According to the article, TATA is just putting the finishing touches on the engine, and also thinks that the engine could be used for power generation. The makers say that on long journeys, the car will do the equivalent of 120mpg."

Submission + - HIV vaccine research hits impasse (

vivin writes: "BBC reports "Scientists are no further forward in developing a vaccine against HIV after more than 20 years of research, a Nobel Prize-winning biologist has said. Professor David Baltimore, president of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), said there was little hope among scientists." He said that "HIV has evolved a way to protect itself from the immune system". Current methods involve the use of antibodies or boosting the body's immune system. Scientists are trying to use novel methods through gene and stem-cell therapy. I wonder if nanotechnology can be eventually used to kill the AIDS virus or any pathogen. Hunter-killer nanorobots?"
United States

Submission + - Parts of Patriot Act ruled Unconstitutional (

neapolitan writes: Parts of the Patriot Act have been ruled unconstitutional. This is in response to the FBI wrongly spying on an attorney, with subsequent legal action and criticism of the law that allowed the incorrect surveillance. The summary judgment of Justice Aiken is available.

From the text:
Aiken ruled that FISA [Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act], as amended by the Patriot Act, permits the government to conduct surveillance and searches targeting Americans without satisfying the probable-cause standard in the Fourth Amendment.
"Prior to the amendments [to FISA], the three branches of government operated with thoughtful and deliberate checks and balances — a principle upon which our nation was founded," Aiken wrote. But the Patriot Act, she said, eliminated "the constitutionally required interplay between executive action, judicial decision and Congressional enactment."


Submission + - Microsoft, Novell open Windows/Linux interop lab (

carusoj writes: "Microsoft and Novell on Wednesday swung open the doors on their Windows/Linux interoperability lab and said its initial focus will be around three projects involving virtualization, management and identity federation. The Microsoft and Novell Interoperability Lab in Cambridge, Mass., is the byproduct of their five-year partnership launched in November 2006 that promised interoperability between their platforms."

Submission + - Microsoft releases Windows Vista SP1 details (

katurday writes: "According to Microsoft Watch, "Microsoft plans to release the first Vista service pack beta to 10,000 to 15,000 select testers in just a few weeks. Microsoft also plans to release Windows XP Service Pack 3 beta to testers about the same time." They also point out that Beta testing may be limited to MSDN and TechNet, and that a release version may not be available until the first quarter of 2008. Microsoft has previously hinted that a Vista service pack would launched in unison with the Windows Server 2008 product."

Submission + - 'Overwhelmingly likely' that life began in space (

An anonymous reader writes: Using data from recent comet-probing space missions, British scientists are reporting today that the odds of life starting on Earth rather than inside a comet are one trillion trillion (10 to the power of 24) to one against. Radiation in the comets could keep water in liquid form for millions of years, they say, which along with the clay and organic molecules found on-board would provide an ideal incubator.

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