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Comment Start by Managing the Department (Score 1) 383

I'm not an IT person, but I'd suggest, before you go to management, you optimize the department.

You mention that you are taking on projects you don't have a chance to even start. Also you talk about mundane tasks preventing you from working on other projects. You should make sure that, given your current resources, you are working on the right tasks. Start saying no to the least important things. Only take on tasks that you know you can complete. If what you say is true then thats already a big improvement.

Think carefully about this, and discuss it with your manager and other departments before you implement, because you are going to get a lot of pushback. Your approach should be "we want to start focusing on critical work, we don't have the resource to work on your project now". Absolutely, don't use it as a play for more staff or you'll find yourself in trouble.

Only go to management with a request for more staff when you can show a benefit to the company. A list of additional tasks that you could take on and what their impact would be for example.

Comment Re:The fascination with "social media" needs to en (Score 2) 116

Yes, text messaging in Japan is fragmented. Its often impossible to text between carriers and my Japanese carrier offered no capability to send or receive texts overseas.

When the earthquake hit power and phone service became largely unusable pretty quickly (somewhere between Tokyo and the quake). However, I was able to send a facebook post from my Japanese style smartphone that hit a fair number of my friends and family telling them we were OK before everything went down. I rarely used it for day to day stuff since it wasn't all that useable, but for this application is was perfect.

PC Games (Games)

Bethesda Unveils New Co-op Dungeon Crawler 218

Bethesda Softworks took advantage of the recent Game Developers Conference to take the wraps off a new game called Hunted: The Demon's Forge that they're partnering with development studio inXile to create. It's planned for the PC, Xbox 360, and PS3, though no release window has been set. It's a third-person action game with a swords & sorcery setting, and it features two heroes as they fight their way through monster-filled dungeons. The game is designed such that two users can play together online (no split-screen), each controlling one of the heroes. ShackNews summed it up thus: "From what I saw, Hunted rolled up ideas from a number of different games to create its modern reinterpretation of the dungeon crawl. There was the raw action appeal of wading through waves of goblins, spiders, and related denizens. The skill system and weapon upgrades bring in the character development side from a role playing game. And the co-op design with its warrior and archer dynamic introduces the reward of playing together like an MMO."

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