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Submission + - Samsung's comparison of Galaxy S to iPhone (

david.emery writes: "In a document from the ongoing Samsung/Apple trial, provided in both English translation and Korean original, Samsung engineers provided a detailed comparison of user interface features in their phone against the iPhone. In almost all cases, the recommendation was to adopt the iPhone's approach.

Among other observations, this shows how much work goes into defining the Apple iPhone user experience."


Submission + - Affidavit for 'lost' iPhone unsealed (

david.emery writes: has obtained and published a copy of the search warrant for Jason Chen. This details some pretty funky behavior on the part of Brian Hogan (iPhone finder), such as tossing flash cards into the bushes, dropping off computers at churches, and some snarky emails from Brian Lam to Steve Jobs. This adds more detail to what increasingly looks like anything but 'innocent behavior' in this case. Regardless of what you think about publishing photos of the iPhone, it's really hard to view this behavior as "someone trying to return a lost item."

Submission + - Intego issues 'Year in Mac Security' malware repor (

david.emery writes: MacOS and iPhones that haven't been jailbroken fare pretty well (although vulnerabilities exist, there's not been a lot of exploitation). Apple does come in for criticism for 'time to fix' known vulnerabilities. Jailbroken iPhones are a mess. The biggest risk to Macs are Trojan Horses, often from pirated software.

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