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Submission + - That time someone registered a spambot with my e-mail address. 2

davewoods writes: "So this morning (About 2AM CST) I got an e-mail on my phone, grumpily I glanced at it and read the word "Penny" and something about my recent purchase. Of course, I figured it to be spam, so I did not bother reading it, and went back to sleep. When I finally did get a chance to read that e-mail, I learned that I had just registered a domain name with GoDaddy under the alias "Penny Woods". Fantastic, similar things have happened where someone used my e-mail address instead of theirs, I figured it was just a typo and I could get to the bottom of it quickly.

After "Forgetting" my username, and then "Forgetting" my password, I was logged in to the account and ready to find some contact info. Penny had set up four e-mail accounts, so I clicked through to do a web login on the first one. Lo and behold, it had sent out 31 thousand e-mails in the last seven hours, all claiming that the receiver had recently won 1.5 million dollars.

Sooooo, now I apparently own a spambot domain, and I have no idea what to do with it. The e-mail accounts have not sent out any e-mails recently, so I have not bothered to change the passwords on them or anything (Stealthy, right?). Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I should do with all of this?"

Submission + - Is there such a thing as a MicroSD RAID?

davewoods writes: I recently came into possession of 20 2Gb MicroSD cards, all perfectly new and working, and I had an idea to try and RAID them together (For increased storage, faster speeds, and general nerd bragging rights). However, I am not an engineer in the slightest, so I would probably have to jerry-rig some type of solution using already created technology. BUT, the only technology I could find was a MicroSD to CF Adapter that looks like it puts four MicroSD cards into a RAID to use as one mass storage, though the product page is incredibly unclear on if this is correct or not. I was also hoping to make the end product able to use either SATA or USB, whichever is possible/simplest.

Does anyone have any ideas about this, or heard anything like this before?

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