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Submission + - Why doesn't Sun really respect Java? (

daveofdoom writes: "There was a time when Java was the darling of the technology industry. It had everything going for it--technically advanced, relatively easy to use, and it held the magical promise of "write-once, run-anywhere." But, over the last two years or so (seemingly ever since Sun changed it's stock ticker to JAVA), the language has become boring and moribund. Not that programming languages are such a thrill ride, but Java had a level of panache well beyond the norm.

Somehow Java has become really boring. People don't even argue about it anymore. Once thriving sites like TheServerSide don't have the excitement or vitriol that they did in the past.

It's hard to tell if this is just a market reaction to Sun's downturn or simply part of the evolution of Java itself, but Sun appears to have proven that innovation doesn't matter when no one cares. The best, most innovative open source products will sit on the proverbial shelf if developers don't care. With the exception of the growth of MySQL there doesn't appear to be a lot of momentum behind Sun's recent software efforts."

Comment Re:The article is rose tinted regarding Linuxcare (Score 3, Informative) 116

Hi, Dave here. I finally logged in. FYI-I never worked for Levanta, nor do I know if they need funding. I think the LinuxCare story is an interesting business case, especially as it relates to open source companies that continue to get showered with cash. You are correct in your comments. The management pissed away alot of $$$. The whole point of this piece was to show that investors-and developers need to pay attention to the world around them and not get caught up in the B.S. LC could have survived, but they drank their own Kool-aid and thought they were invincible. Couple that with bad market conditions and the whole thing goes to hell.

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