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Submission + - World's best chess engine plagiarized open source (

An anonymous reader writes: Rybka, the winner of the last four World Computer Chess Championships, has been found guilty by a panel of 34 chess engine programmers of plagiarizing two open-source chess engines: Crafty and Fruit. The governing body of the WCCC, the International Computer Games Association, is even demanding that Rybka's author — the international chess master and MIT graduate Vasik Rajlich — returns the trophies and prize money that he fraudulently won. Rybka will no longer be allowed to compete in the World Championships, and the ICGA is asking other tournaments around the world to do the same.

Submission + - Mozilla Releases Thunderbird 5 (

supersloshy writes: Mozilla has released the latest version of Thunderbird, their popular email client, now in sync with their new rapid-release versioning system. Among the new features are the new add-ons manager from Firefox 4, revised account creation, faster response times, the ability to load plugins in RSS feeds and over 390 platform fixes. For more information, read the release notes
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Submission + - Google announces Chrome Operating System

nloop writes: Google recently announced Chrome OS, it's "natural extension" of the Chrome web browser. Slated for release in 2010, it will be indeed be open source and based on a Linux kernel. It will be aimed towards low power netbooks and be designed entirely around web based applications. It will be both x86 and ARM compatible. Google says it is different and separate from Android, despite the similarities.
Operating Systems

Submission + - Ubuntu: Still Popular? (

PoorOldFlick writes: "There's no way to say for sure which distro is the most popular and to know exactly how many people use Ubuntu. That being said, we thought it would be interesting to take a fresh look at Ubuntu's popularity. Is Ubuntu gaining in popularity? Is it being used by more people? Are more people searching and talking about Ubuntu?"

Submission + - UK Government Removing Barriers to Open Source (

christian.einfeldt writes: "On February 24, the Chief Information Officer Council of the UK issued new guidelines which changes the way that the government of the United Kingdom will acquire software. The new guidelines will require that all UK agencies 'consider open source solutions on their merits according to total lifetime cost of ownership' and seek to quantify proprietary exit costs and proprietary lock-in as factors affecting the overall costs of software. The rules also direct agencies to share their evaluations of software, so that where open source solutions are evaluated and approved by one part of the UK government, that evaluation should not be repeated, but instead shared. The new policies also show a UK preference for the Open Document Format over the 'emerging' Office Open XML format. Sun Microsystems Open Source Officer Simon Phipps thinks that the new guidelines will go a long way toward shifting the UK's software acquisition policy from a procurement-driven market model, which favors proprietary software, to an adoption-led market model, which places open source software on a more equal footing with proprietary software."

Submission + - Disabling Javascript doesn't mitigate PDF Zero-day (

zonky writes: It turns out that Disabling JavaScript in Acrobat Reader doesn't totally mitigate the Zero-day Adbobe bug, according to Secunia in this blog posting: While disabling JavaScript does defeat the publicly known exploits, Secunia managed to create a reliable, fully working exploit which does not use JavaScript and can therefore successfully compromise users, who may think they are safe because JavaScript support has been disabled. Oh well. Only 14 days to go until a Adobe patch.

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