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Submission + - digital account opening platform (

Deepika Vijayakumar writes: Digifin is a digital account opening platform. It is fully automated account opening process. Reduce account opening expenses by 1/5. Improve operational efficacy through smart verification and scrutiny process. Latest technology will work online and offline. Automation integrated KRA, E-KYC , CKYC and eMudhra

Submission + - SPAM: Combating hackers and Staying Safe Online: Some Useful Tips

cyberasraf writes: Cybercrime is a reality that everyone has to reckon with in today’s context. Every single one of us is vulnerable to cyber attacks. 2016 saw even big names like Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Twitter co-founder Evan Williams, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales etc being targetted by hackers. Hacks and data breaches seemed to be occurring on a never-before scale and personal data of millions of customers worldwide got stolen.
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Submission + - SPAM: Geek Squad Plan

Buy Geek Squad writes: Call Geek Squad to get the most comprehensive tech support plan today. Unlimited computer, MAC, Laptop tech support at now 1-844-324-2808.
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Submission + - Impact of Visual Data Representation in SEO (

aiplindore writes: Statistics have shown that visual data representation in content is capable of getting more visitor traffic and making them stay on the page, given that the visual data embedded in the content is relevant to the context for which it was posted and is designed creatively. Here is a blog discussing about the impacts of visual data in search engine marketing strategy.

Submission + - Detecting Advanced Threats (on the cheap) with Sysmon (

concanno writes: Thinking about Sysmon as a host-based sensor for strategic hunting and advanced behavioral detection capability is where things get really exciting.

What makes Sysmon a powerful sensor for both hunting as well as advanced threat detection is the nature of the events it collects. The primary and most powerful event is the Process Creation event. With this single event we can see every process that runs on every host that has Sysmon installed in our environment.

What makes these Process Creation events even more powerful is that they contain both the command line for the process itself as well as the parent process and its command line. This is especially powerful because we can look for things like an application such as Winword.exe launching cmd.exe or powershell.exe. With a single event from Sysmon, we can detect advanced attacker behavior, such as the above example, where a Microsoft Word exploit runs some command line activity to create a backdoor and establish persistence.

Combining the power of Sysmon with an advanced analytics platform, such as Splunk, or the open source Elastic Stack (formerly known as the ELK Stack), unlocks an extremely powerful and potentially low-cost means to power hunting operations, detect advanced threats in your environment, and provide an always-on source of forensic data in the case of an incident response.

Submission + - Codefights online game leads to job offers for coders

rmdingler writes: James Johnston, 31, was designing software for orthodontists and living in Chattanooga, Tennessee, when he landed a better-paid software engineering job in Silicon Valley at a major tech startup.
The key to this career upgrade and cross-country move? CodeFights, an online game that offers programmers the chance to improve their skills and get noticed by Silicon Valley titans like Uber and Dropbox.
Johnston told CNNMoney he discovered the game through a Facebook ad in June.

Submission + - SPAM: The Future cloud computing

hub4 Tech writes: A cloud allows users to access application, information, and data of all sorts on an online level rather than by use of actual hardware or devices. To learn more about the Cloud Computing technology, visit
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Submission + - PeopleLink's Worldwide recognition reaches Newer & Immortal Heights. (

chakradhar_seo writes: It’s a great honour for PeopleLink to become a part of the Academic Curriculum of United States for their Students of Computers & Information Technology. PeopleLink has been Included alongside with GoToMeeting (Citrix) and WebEx (Cisco) portraying its technological capabilities. Being Included in an academic textbook stands above all the comparisons or International reports to prove us as the Global & Technologically advanced solution available. PeopleLink features in the Easier Collaboration section under the chapter on Taking Advantage of the Cloud: Teamwork, Apps, and Storage.

The Book has been published by Paradigm Publishing which has been committed to developing quality educational materials and providing personalized service to educators. Paradigm Publishing specializes in post-secondary publishing, offering textbook programs in Computer Technology, Health Careers, Biotechnology Accounting, Business Technology, Distance Learning, and Career Management with supplementary and multimedia materials.
Book Details –

Computers: Understanding Technology Fifth Edition — Comprehensive
Author(s): Floyd Fuller; Brian Larson; Lisa A. Bucki; and Faithe Wempen

Chapter 7 — Taking Advantage of the Cloud: Teamwork, Apps, and Storage (Page 293)
ISBN: 978-0-76386-182-7 (eBook) / 978-0-76386-181-0 (Digital)

Submission + - A complete guide to the use of Steam Wallet code generator (

LorenzY writes: Behind this link you can find both the download for the Steam Wallet code generator and also a detailed guide on how to use it properly. This is a simple but yet powerful tool, as it is able to generate genuine and free codes for you. After you give it a try, you will never need to pay for new video games again. The funds can be used in any way that you want, and the tool can be used multiple times.

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