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Submission + - The News Site Governments don't want you to watch 3

dataxtream writes: Censorship is becoming the flavour of 2012. After PIPA, SOPA, and Megaupload, last Friday at 1400 BST, PressTV, the news channel the US and Britsh governments dont want you to watch, was removed from UK's SKY Satellite Platform in a blatant act of censorship. A Wikileak described the US government requesting the UK government to shut down PressTV — and the UK dutifully complied. Strangely, the Murdoch Media still continues to operate in the UK despite the Hacking Scandal, and multiple payoffs to celebrities for hacking into their voicemail, sometimes with the collusion of the UK Police. George Galloway, former Member of Parliament, and of Senate fame, weighs in with his characteristic bluntess. The light at the end of the censorship tunnel is that in a few years, Web TV will begin to be commonplace so that banning of channels on satellite platforms or terrestrial airwaves will be irrelevant.

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